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The Android Lab is a technology website focused on producing how-to articles regarding the latest social media platforms, games, and even websites that we use in our daily life.

We have a large audience of visitors from all across the world but the majority of our visitors are from tier-1 countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia among others.

In fact, traffic from tier-1 countries to our website is more than 70% of our total traffic and we also get traffic from India and other countries which accounts for the rest of our traffic percentage.

We get our visitors from search engines such as Google and Bing and almost 95% of our visitors come from organic search.

Our website has been around for more than a year now since we started back in May 2021 and we have not looked back ever since that day.

According to our analytics, more than 26% of our visitors are between ages 18-24 whereas more than 30% of our visitors are between ages 25-34 and more than 21% of our visitors are between ages 35-44.

In terms of gender, 78% of our visitors are the male audience and 21% of our visitors are female.

Also, it is worth noting that more than 59% of our visitors come from desktops, and close to 40% of our visitors use a mobile device.

Due to the age of our site, new articles now get indexed within a few hours of publishing them and also get ranked on the first page within 24 hours for a low-competition keyword.

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