Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000 in 2022

Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000

Lenovo A6000 is a budget smartphone that was launched in the year 2015. The best thing about the phone back then was that it has 4G bands.

However, with that being said, it was quite an inexpensive phone with really good specs if compared to the price it comes in.

Lenovo, however, was soon out of the smartphone market and stopped releasing updates after a while.

It didn’t release Android Marshmallow for its budget smartphones like A6000. That was quite sad news for Lenovo A6000 users.

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If you own a Lenovo A6000 device, you can switch to a custom ROM to get the most of the specs that it already offers.

Yes, the specs it offers are good, and in terms of camera, the phone can provide good shots. Using a custom ROM you can bring the device into basic use, which with the stock UI won’t be possible.

If you are looking for the best custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing the best custom ROM for Lenovo A6000 in 2021, that you can go for.

Best Custom ROM For Lenovo A6000 in 2021

Lenovo A6000
Lenovo A6000

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix
Resurrection Remix

The very first ROM that we have on the list is Resurrection Remix, which is one of the cleanest ROM available for the Lenovo A6000. The ROM works fine with regular usage and will make your device light with all the processes it does. Moreover, you get various features that were not made available to the device after the update was stopped.

It has the Dark theme feature, double-tap to sleep feature, and gestures, which will not let your device feel outdated. Moreover, the ROM is the combination of various other ROMs such as Cyanogen Mode (Lineage OS), Omni ROM, Remix ROM, and many more, which pretty much combines the features of other ROMs to this single ROM.

ROM OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo)

Download Link: Resurrection Remix

ROM Maintainer: Has.oo7

Official Thread: Link



The next ROM that you can go for is the Cyanogen MOD which is currently known as Lineage OS. It is one of the most stable ROM for the Lenovo A6000.

If you are looking for a ROM for daily use and basic work, then you should go for this ROM. Moreover, it comes with battery and CPU optimization to increase the performance of your phone, and also increase the battery life of your phone.

ROM OS: Android 11 (Android Go)

Download Link: LineageOS

ROM Maintainer: ED300

Official Thread: Link

AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended
AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is quite famous for customization as well as the performance it offers. Even with the phone as old as Lenovo A6000, you can expect relatively better performance than the stock UI.

AOSP Extended does come with better battery optimization, which will make your phone last. It offers a smooth interface with blazing performance. You won’t experience lags with the ROM, and yes it has fewer bugs in comparison to other ROMs available for Lenovo A6000.

ROM OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo)

Download Link: AOSP Extended

ROM Maintainer: dev_harsh1998

Official Thread: Link

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience ROM
Pixel Experience ROM

Pixel Experience is based on AOSP ( Android Open Source Project) and does offer features and a complete feel of Pixel. If you are looking for a Pixel-like experience on your Lenovo A600, then you should go for Pixel Experience.

You get everything from launcher to icon like that of Pixel device. Moreover, it offers stock Android features and does provide a smooth experience on your device.

ROM OS: Android 9 (Pie)

Download Link: Pixel Experience

ROM Maintainer: iamsj7

Official Thread: Link



Last on the list we have is CrDroid, which is another famous ROM that one can flash on Lenovo A6000. The theme is simple and lightweight for a device like A6000. It does offer customizations to your phone, you can tweak the look of your phone, the way you want.

If the security of your phone concerns you, then CrDroid is probably one the best ROM that you can come across. Various security options are there to protect the privacy of the users using the ROM on their devices.

Lesser bugs, clean and simple interface, fast performance, more features, and optimized battery life is the best part about this custom ROM.

ROM OS: Android 10

Download Link: CrDroid

ROM Maintainer: acroreiser

Official Thread: Link

Final Words

These were some of the best custom ROMs for your Lenovo A6000 in 2021. If you are looking for a ROM that is fast, and clean, and optimum for your Lenovo A6000, then you should go for any of the themes mentioned in this article.


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  1. your list is relevant for 2018-20, but not for 2021. Where RR 5.8.5 (Android 7), where crDroid 6.9 GO (10 Android), where is Lineage 17.1 where is Lineage 18.1?

    1. Hello laufferran,

      We would like to inform you that the crDroid link we have mentioned in the article is indeed based on Android 10 as we have mentioned in the article as well.

      For LineageOS and Resurrection Remix, we do accept our mistake as the links we added were outdated.

      We have added LineageOS 18.1 link as well as Resurrection Remix Android 8.1 ROM link.

      Thank you for being our valued reader and please share the article if you liked the information.

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