Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 8 Pro in 2022

When it comes to performance-rich smartphones, very few devices can match the competency of the OnePlus 8 Pro. It provides everything you need to have a satisfying user experience at a very genuine price. 

However, this exceptional performance comes at the cost of delayed OTT upgrades, which is also one of the most talked-about cons of OnePlus’s range of smartphones. 

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A smartphone with such amazing specifications surely deserves the latest Android upgrades, but if the authorities cannot provide it, custom ROMs are your only way to perfection. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at a quick rundown of the best custom ROMs developed for or OnePlus 8 Pro with links to their official threads and downloads: 

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Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 8 Pro in 2021

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro

crDroid V7.6


If you are looking to make your OnePlus 8 pro more reliable and performance rich, you must consider flashing this custom ROM. It packs some of the most prominent features available in the latest generation of smartphones. 

Starting with the lock screen interface, the crDroid V7.6 offers you several personalization options such as status bar toggle, lock screen icon toggle, media cover art filter, media cover toggle, battery info toggle, charging animation style, and weather information.

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Moreover, there are numerous FOD customization options too like fingerprint animation toggle, fingerprint sensor color, FOD icon picker, fingerprint animation effect, screen off fingerprint toggle, and disable night light while showing FOD toggle. 

The ROM also features an ambient display that makes your user interface highly interactive and features various navbar styles with unique settings dashboard icons to make your user experience one-of-a-kind. 

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: firebird11

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: crDroid V7.6

LineageOS 18.1


With active support for over 157 different devices, the LineageOS 18.1 is surely the most stable ROM you can ever find for your OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone. It features numerous useful and essential applications to provide you a unique experience. 

You can also specify custom locations for navigation bar buttons and modified quick setting tiles to easily toggle across settings you access frequently on your device. It also features a live display option that adjusts the color temperature of your screen as per the time of the day. 

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There are various security and privacy features too such as pin scramble that randomizes the layout of your numeric keyboard to make it difficult for people to determine your password by looking over your shoulders. 

Optionally you can also choose to permit applications to work with root access for advanced tasks. It can be done by flashing third-party implementations like superSU or magisk. There is also a set of APIs dedicated for developers for running apps in the LineageOS runtime. 

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: LuK1337

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: LineageOS 18.1 [Instantnoodlep]

 Pixel Experience 

Pixel Experience ROM
Pixel Experience ROM

It’s a no-brainer that pixel smartphones are one of the most promising Android devices available. However, the advanced features that it offers also come with a hefty price tag that cannot be afforded by everyone. 

To gain the look and feel of Google pixel on your OnePlus 8 Pro, the pixel experience ROM certainly fits the bill for you. It contains all the goodness of pixel smartphones along with a unique set of features.

From wallpaper fonts and icons to boot animation and launcher, this ROM greatly resembles the all-time favorite smartphone by the tech giant with exceptional security and stability. 

The Gapps are already installed in this custom ROM and you don’t have to flash them separately. To try this ROM right now, navigate to the official XDA thread through the link given below. 

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: chandra1.jd

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: PixelExperience [AOSP]

Evolution X 5.7 

Evolution X ROM
Evolution X ROM

With monthly security patches and frequent builds from the latest sources of AOSP, the evolution X is a flashable custom ROM for OnePlus 8 Pro that provides you the truest pixel experience. 

It provides you several pixel goodies such as wallpapers, fonts, animations, and a lot more. Furthermore, there are several status bars and navbar customization options that allow you to get a highly personalized experience. 

The ROM supports all the AOSP gestures featured in stock firmware that can also be customized as per your requirements. Additionally, it also supports swipe gestures, torch gestures, lock screen gestures, and double-tap gestures. 

You can also disable transition animation, modify screen lock animation, and enable scrolling cache to smoothen the scrolling performance of your device by allocating a slightly higher memory to it. 

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: AnierinB

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: Evolution X 5.7

AICP 16.1

AICP custom rom
AICP custom ROM

Being one of the most mature ROMs in the community, the AICP 16.1 provides you a clean and minimal user interface with several essential features for your daily smartphone operations. It contains some addons from lineage OS that extends its capabilities even more. 

The ROM also offers you more choices and freedom for customization that allows you to make your user experience highly personalized with unparalleled stability and elongated battery backup. 

Moreover, if you are a developer you will surely love this ROM because it is completely open-source and the creators encourage everyone to contribute towards the development of this ROM. 

Apart from the default AOSP settings, it also offers a plethora of features that allow you to customize even the minute details of this ROM as per your preferences and make it even better. 

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: semdoc

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: AICP 16.1 [Instantnoodlep]

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