Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel 3a in 2022

Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel 3a

With the iteration of Google’s own hardware and software combination, the Pixel 3A is a smartphone that became popular for its exceptional camera and picture quality. The phone also packs a great set of specifications and offers a pure Android experience.

However, the device is still incompetent in terms of features and several users have complained about the agitated battery consumption. With that said, using custom ROMs can help you fix several issues in your Google Pixel 3A and allow you to enjoy a smooth user experience.

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Fortunately, the developer community at XDA has ported several custom ROMs for this device, each with unique features and tweaks.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent custom ROMs developed for Google Pixel 3A:

Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel 3a in 2021

Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a

LineageOS 18.1


After several months of waiting, the developers of LineageOS finally released an official port of this iconic ROM for Pixel 3A. It’s a completely free and open-source Android operating system that focuses on customization and personalization to make the device truly yours.

There are several security-oriented tools and features such as a privacy guard that allow you to take control over the app permissions. It also notifies you about possible threats that the external applications may possess on your privacy.

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The lineage OS 14.1 also receives monthly security updates that makes your device even more secure. Additionally, this custom ROM has an advanced do lock screen that prevents over-the-shoulder privacy violations through scrambled keyboards.

Through its exceptional stability, this custom ROM extends the lifespan and functionality of your Google pixel 3A and provides a better battery life as well. Moreover, with over 18 open source applications, you can easily get your fundamental tasks done right away.

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: npjohnson

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: LineageOS 18.1

ProtonAOSP 11


Focused on performance and design brilliance, the proton AOSP is a minimalistic Android fork that makes your device highly efficient in terms of stability. It includes system-level and empirically proven optimizations that rectify several known bugs and glitches on your smartphone.

Unlike other Android distributions, the proton ASP is exceptionally fast and smooth with active support from some of the finest developers on XDA forums. The ROM also receives constant updates and security patches in a timely manner.

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It has unparalleled typography and psychologically chosen colors with attention to even the minute details that provide you a greatly immersive user experience with an elegant and clean user interface.

The proton ASP also helps you to keep your data private by indicating camera and microphone access for various apps installed on your smartphone. Additionally, there are also sensor permissions and Micro G support power additional privacy.

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: FoxA

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: ProtonAOSP

Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch
Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu touch is a ported version of the popular Linux distribution for Android smartphones. It is designed to work adaptively in an Android smartphone with a responsive touch screen interface and is also capable of working as a desktop computer through its “desktop mode” feature.

With a clean and intuitive user interface, this custom ROM provides you a refreshing mobile experience. The touch screen layout is adapted to provide you and easy access to all the device’s settings, tools, and applications.

There are several unique applications available for varying purposes such as messaging, administration, gaming, navigation, tools, music, communication, and a lot more. There is a pre-installed set of applications for all your daily smartphone needs.

On top of that, this also provides you complete access to a fully-featured terminal and file browser that includes all the necessary command-line applications. Moreover, to install external applications you can also use the brand new “open store” application in this OS.

ROM Version: N.A

ROM Maintainer: beidl

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: Ubuntu Touch 


Bootleggers ROM
Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers is an AOSP based custom ROM that aims to keep everything simple. It provides you a handbag set of applications and features to convert your device into a swiss army knife for all the essential activities you carry out for your smartphone.

The ROM provides a unique feature known as “bootleg dumpster” that includes a variety of switches, features, and menus that can be used to customize your device. From lock screen layout to status bar logo, you can change everything as per your requirements.

Additionally, like other custom ROMs, bootleggers also have a custom theme known as Shishu dreams. It has a dark accent with various gradients and colors to make your device one of a kind. There are several other variants of this theme that you can check out as well.

With a wide range of choices and the ability to combine aesthetics and features along with great stability, this custom ROM surely makes you feel at home. Therefore make sure you give it a try if you are looking for a simple yet immersive smartphone experience.

ROM Version: Android 11

ROM Maintainer: stebomurkn420

Download Link: Link

XDA Thread: Bootleggers ROM


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