Best Custom ROMS For Poco F2 Pro

Poco F2 Pro was the budget device launched by the brand Poco in 2020. Poco F2 Pro comes with a flagship processor and was a complete power package in a budget segment.

It featured quite good specifications in the budget range which made it stand out from the crowd. As of 2021, the device still works fine, and the specs are quite good for a regular user to be able to use it for another year or two.

Despite the flagship specifications in a budget range, the only thing the phone lags in is the software experience.

Poco F2 Pro comes with MIUI for Poco, which is simply MIUI with a few added features here and there. It is quite a heavy ROM and can make the phone sluggish over time.

No matter how much RAM your device has or what processor it is powered by, but MIUI can make it a bit sluggish after some time even if it holds a flagship processor.

If you find your Poco F2 Pro to be a little slower, then the reason behind it is the software.

You can prefer installing custom ROMs on Poco F2 Pro to make it snappier like the first time, and also have a different UI experience than the typical MIUI.

When it comes to Poco F2 Pro, there are various custom ROMs that you are going to find for it. In this article, we will be listing out some of the best custom ROMs for Poco F2 Pro.

Best Custom ROMS For Poco F2 Pro

Lineage OS 18.1


When it comes to custom ROMs, Lineage OS has been always on the top. Lineage OS is continuing the legacy of the Cyanogen MOD, which in its time was a popular custom ROM.

Lineage OS is well known for the features as well as the stability it provides. Unlike the MIUI, you get a much cleaner and stable experience.

Lineage OS does not have any bloatware and has an ad-free interface. It provides a Stock Android-like experience to the users, with all the features brought in from the stock Android and combined from various other custom ROMs.

Lineage OS supports tweaking and customizing the phone the way you want to, and that is what makes it the most popular custom ROM that one can install on their Android device.

The ROM is quite reliable, and when it comes to security, it keeps away the users from all the security vulnerabilities. If you want to get a stock Android experience on your device like that of Pixel devices, the Lineage OS is what you can go for.

Moreover, the ROM is bug-free, and frequent updates make it much more reliable over time. You won’t be experiencing bugs on the platform, but if you find any, then you can report it to the developers and it will be fixed in the next security update.

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: Lineage OS 18.1

ROM Maintainer: SebaUbuntu

Official Thread: Link

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience ROM
Pixel Experience ROM

Another ROM that we have on the list is Pixel Experience. Pixel Experience is another popular ROM just like the Lineage OS.

Pixel Experience is one of the best ROM known for providing a Pixel-like experience to the users. If you are looking forward to making your phone look like a Pixel device, then probably this is what you need.

The ROM changes/tweaks everything on the phone to make it look like a Pixel device. Everything on this ROM from startup animation to the UI resembles a Pixel device. Moreover, the features are also similar. 

Not only does this ROM has a vanilla stock Android experience with much more features than the regular stock Android.

Moreover, the ROM is meant to be bug-free while providing a stable experience to the users. The ROM brings in various customizations as well as features to the Poco F2 Pro, which makes it worth trying.

It gives a clean UI experience along with various bug fixes to make it smoother and reliable over time. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: Pixel Experience

ROM Maintainer: abode ghost

Official Thread: Link



crDroid is a popular ROM that is based on the AOSP and has a stock UI experience. This custom ROM is developed by bringing in the features and UI elements from various ROMs including Slim ROM, Lineage OS, and various others.

If you are looking for a ROM to customize your phone completely, then Resurrection Remix is one of the best custom ROM that you can go for.

With this ROM installed on your phone, you will be able to tweak every single thing on your device.

Because of the customization it offers, it is one of the most popular ROM for Android devices. Experiencing pure Android experience with this ROM is the cherry on the top.

The ROM offers a simple-to-use interface that is clean and bug-free. Resurrection promotes snappier performance to the device.

It brings most of the new features available for Android to date. Resurrection is bug-free, but if you encounter any bug on it, then you can simply report it to the developers, and it will be fixed soon.

ROM OS: Android 10

Download Link: crDroid

ROM Maintainer: raystef66

Official Thread: Link



Another custom ROM that we have on the list is Arrow OS. If you are looking for a ROM that is simple, clean, and neat, then this is the ROM that you should go for.

Arrow OS is well known for providing a clean interface alongside snappier performance and various added features. The ROM is light on your phone and will enhance the performance of your phone.

The ROM is meant to be bug-free, but there are slight chances of you to experience a few bugs here and there.

Experiencing minor bugs is no big deal, and you can report it to the developers and they will fix it with the next update.

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: ArrowOS

ROM Maintainer: TH779

Official Thread: Link


Dot OS
Dot OS

dotOS or Droid On Time is the last ROM that we have on this list of best custom ROMs for Poco F2 Pro. If you are looking for a ROM that enhances the performance as well as the overall stability of your device, then you should try dotOS. Not only does it enhances the performance of the phone, but also makes it look better. 

The ROM has various customizations options, which lets you change the look and feel of the ROM the way you want to. Using the customization app, you can customize everything including the battery styles, icons, fonts, and much more. It is a clean theme with a neat UI which makes it easy to use. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: dotOS

ROM Maintainer: Fahmid Islam Soumya

Official Thread: Link

Final Words

Poco F2 Pro was a good device back then that offered flagship specs in a budget range. However, the device still does offer better devices than many of the devices in the same range, but the only thing that can kill the overall experience is the MIUI.

So if you are looking for a custom ROM for your Poco F2 Pro, then we have mentioned the best custom ROMs for Poco F2 Pro above.

We have listed some of the best custom ROMs that you can install on your Poco F2 Pro and enhance the overall look and feel of your phone.


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