Best Custom ROMs For Poco X3/X3 Pro

If anyone buys an Android phone to customize it later, they look at the custom ROMs available for it.

Installing custom ROMs is a part of customizing the phone as per your preference, and makes it look different when compared to the stock ROM supplied in the phone.

When you have a powerful phone with relatively good specifications, then installing custom ROMs can enhance its performance and improve your experience with it. 

Talking about Poco X3 and Poco X3 Pro, both are powerful devices that anyone can use, be they a student or employee working in an office.

However, both of these devices are supplied with the MIUI with MIUI for the Poco launcher on the top.

Users usually complain about how MIUI degrades the performance of their phones. MIUI isn’t a bad custom ROM, but overall it can degrade your phone’s performance over time. 

If you have Poco X3 or Poco X3 Pro and want to switch from MIUI to any other ROM, then you are probably in the right place.

In this article, we will be listing some of the best custom ROMs for Poco X3 and Poco X3 Pro. 

Best Custom ROMs For Poco X3/X3 Pro

Poco X3 Pro
Poco X3 Pro

Given below is a list of the best custom ROMs that you can get for your Poco X3 and Poco X3 Pro:

Lineage OS


Any list of custom ROMs for Android phones is incomplete without Lineage OS in it. If you have been in the tech community for a very long time, you may very well know about the CyanogenMod which was one of the best custom ROMs of its time.

However, Cyanogen Mod has now been discontinued, and its legacy is carried on by the Lineage OS. Lineage OS is based on AOSP or Android Open Source Project, and it brings most of the features and customizations from the latest Android version. 

You will get a stock Android experience on this one while providing optimal performance and a cleaner look to your phone.

If have been looking forward to getting a ROM that is not only clean but is also best known for providing smoother and snappier performance, then LineageOS is what you should go for. 

It has most of the latest features available on Android phones. Moreover, the ROM is well known for its customizability.

You can customize everything on the Lineage OS, including the status bar, theme, navbar, and various others. Moreover, its updates are released frequently, which brings new feature updates, security patches, bug fixes, and software upgrades that keep it snappier over time without letting it feel bulky on your smartphone. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: Lineage OS 18.1 (Poco X3) | Lineage OS 18.1 (Poco X3 Pro)

ROM Maintainer: mahajant99 (Poco X3) | SebaUbuntu (Poco X3 Pro)

Official Thread: Link (Poco X3) | Link (Poco X3 Pro)

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience Plus
Pixel Experience Plus

Another ROM that we have on the list is Pixel Experience. It might be clear from the name what this ROM is best known for. The ROM is best known to provide a Pixel-like experience on the phone.

Everything on this ROM resembles a Pixel device. Everything on this ROM from icons to boot animations, to wallpapers, everything will resemble a Pixel device.

The ROM is smoother for sure and provides a snappy performance on your Poco X3 as well as Poco X3 Pro. 

The ROM does come with a lot of features, and a bug-free UI. Of course, you will be getting a Stock Android experience with this one, which means there will be no bloatware, no ads, and lesser bugs on the interface.

This accompanies the snappy performance of the ROM, thus providing, a stable UI experience. 

However, when it comes to customizations, you cannot do much with it. In terms of customizations, you won’t be getting many options.

You can do basic customizations with this one, but tweaking every aspect of it won’t be possible. If your main priority is getting a ROM that is stable, bug-free, clean, and secure, then Pixel Experience is a good choice. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: Pixel Experience (Poco X3) | Pixel Experience (Poco X3 Pro)

ROM Maintainer: nullbytepl (Poco X3) | Alisson1397 (Poco X3 Pro)

Official Thread: Link (Poco X3) | Link (Poco X3 Pro)



CrDroid is another addition to the list of best custom ROMs for Poco X3/X3 Pro. Just like the other ROMs that we have mentioned on this list, CrDroid OS is also based on the AOSP, and many of its features and customizations are brought from other custom ROMs including SlimROM, Lineage OS, and various others.

As it is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project), you can expect the ROM to deliver a stock Android experience. 

The ROM is meant to provide a stable UI experience along with better performance. It brings most of the latest features to the phone that you may find in all the other custom ROMs for Android phones.

CrDroid is quite a stable ROM with lesser bugs on the interface. The developers or the ROM are working on keeping the performance of the ROM optimum and also minimizing the bugs that you may encounter on it.

With that being said, CrDroid for sure is one of the best custom ROMs that you can get for your Poco X3/X3 Pro. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: crDroid (Poco X3) | crDroid (Poco X3 Pro)

ROM Maintainer: GtrCraft (Poco X3) | Pac_MM (Poco X3 Pro)

Official Thread: Link (Poco X3) | Link (Poco X3 Pro)

Evolution X

Evolution X ROM
Evolution X ROM

If your main motive is to get a ROM that provides a stock Android experience, then you should go for Evolution X.

Evolution X is based on AOSP and it brings many features from the Pixel devices. Evolution X is inspired by the Pixel device, so you can expect a similar experience from this ROM.

The best part about using this ROM is the configurations it provides, frequent updates, lesser bugs, security patches, and also a smooth interface. 

Evolution X enhances the performance of your phone, and you will notice a significant difference if you are coming from MIUI on your Poco X3 or Poco X3 Pro.

Developers ensure frequent updates for the Evolution X to keep your device updated with the features and secure from all the security vulnerabilities online. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: Evolution X (Poco X3) | Evolution X (Poco X3 Pro)

ROM Maintainer: akash.galaxy07 (Poco X3) | elizabethangelalorenza (Poco X3 Pro)

Official Thread: Link (Poco X3) | Link (Poco X3 Pro)


Dot OS
Dot OS

The last ROM that we have on the list is dotOS. This is yet another Android ROM whose main focus is on providing optimum performance and stability over time.

If you have been looking for a ROM which lets you customize your phone along with providing a stable experience, then you should for sure go for dotOS.

The ROM not only enhances the performance of your phone but also increases its battery life. 

Along with great battery life and performance, you will get various new features in it.

You can customize your phone the way you want it to with this ROM installed. It brings various customizations and tweaks to your phone while providing a smoother UI experience. 

ROM OS: Android 11

Download Link: dotOS (Poco X3) | dotOS (Poco X3 Pro)

ROM Maintainer: Psambitk1 (Poco X3) | LuckYViii (Poco X3 Pro)

Official Thread: Link (Poco X3) | Link (Poco X3 Pro)

Final Words

These were some of the best custom ROMs for Poco X3/X3 Pro. If you have either Poco X3 or Poco X3 Pro, then you can go for these ROMs for your device.

You can expect great performance from these ROMs with a smoother UI experience, more features, customizations, and much more. 

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