How to fix BitTorrent Connecting To Peers error

Now ever days, nothing sucks more than getting struck. We all are used to high-speed data transmission which transmits the data in no time.

But what feels crappier than this is getting stuck because of technical issue and all your user data get wasted. This quite happens while using communication protocols.

If you are here searching for how to fix getting stuck with BitTorrent connecting to peers then you are at the right place.

This article is going to share a few methods to solve your problem with BitTorrent and help you connect better with BitTorrent.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a communication protocol that allows connecting peers to peers. Users can send or receive files using this protocol service.

You can upload content like movies, with others connected with this service, while they can download the uploaded content easily and vice-versa.

It is a legit communication protocol as long as anyone can upload and download content from BitTorrent legally. Platforms like these are used to distribute links, content to others.

How To Fix The Problem Of BitTorrent Connecting To Peers?

As mentioned before, BitTorrent is a communication protocol that allows its users to transfer data. This distribution service helps connect peers to peers.

But sometimes, you get stuck while transferring data. But no worries, there are a few working solutions that can help you fix this problem.

Issues Leading To BitTorrent Struck Connecting To Peers

If you are using BitTorrent on Windows, then there might be a few issues with your connection and windows setting which such as,

  • Unstable internet connection or slow internet connection.
  • The torrent content, you are accessing is not seeded for very long, meaning is a dead torrent.
  • Your window’s antivirus or firewall disabling the BitTorrent or blocking its service. To resolve this, simply allow BitTorrent
  • You might be using a VPN that is not compatible with the BitTorrent service

How to fix BitTorrent Connecting To Peers error

First of all, you will need to check and verify the issue that may have caused the problem, then only you can follow the solution to get it working.

If you are unable to find the issue then check every problem and then apply the solution to resolve your issue.

Connect To Stable Internet Connection

This is the first thing to check if struck BitTorrent connecting to peers. Check if you are connected to a good internet connection.

This might cause slow working of BitTorrent leading to disruption in accessing the service of BitTorrent.

Check For Dead Torrent

Dead torrent refers to the file content which is no more valid and so is declared dead. The reason that file becomes invalid is that it is not seeded for very long.

The solution is simple, you either have to another file link that is provided by other peers or else look for seeders who have to provide you a valid file link.

There is no other solution because a dead file is the one that has no seeds means it is near difficult to download a dead torrent file.

Allow BitTorrent Service On Your Device

Another reason for BitTorrent struck connecting to peers can be your device’s firewall or antivirus denying access or blocking the service by BitTorrent.

For solving this problem, you are required to change the setting and allow these services on your device. Simply, search for the firewall and Network Protection setting on your device.

Next, find the option to allow an app through a firewall. Tap on it and change the Firewall setting and allow the Firewall to provide access.

Connect Using A VPN

If all of the above doesn’t work then you can try connecting through the VPN. There are chances that the VPN you are connected through is not compatible and hence, creating an issue.

These issues might cause restrictions on torrenting, resulting in BitTorrent struck connecting. Using another secure and compatible VPN will resolve this issue.

Allow Access To The Client On Firewall

This is the last solution in your attempt to resolve BitTorrent connecting to peers. Search and navigate to the Firewall on your device. Next, go to Windows Defender Firewall.

There you will find an option to allow an app or feature through the windows defender firewall. Click on the option and then checklist the client and mark checkboxes of public and private networks for the program. In any case, if you don’t find your client, that is BitTorrent, then add it to a new client.


It is a common issue faced by users when they trying to connect to peers through BitTorrent. But the good news is there is more than one solution to resolve this problem.

This article shares the solution to how to fix BitTorrent connecting to peers. Depending on the problem that raised this issue, you can try to resolve the particular problem.

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