Bow Vs Crossbow In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games amongst the Millenials which allows users to craft their things.

Minecraft allows users to choose between various weapons, out of which bow and crossbow are also quite popular.

Both the bow and the crossbow are good weapons that a player can have. Using these weapons, users can attack mobs from far away. 

These two are the great range weapons in the game which gives upper hand advantages when fighting mobs in the raid.

Players can shoot dragons with them because these two are good ranged weapons available on Minecraft.

However, people do wonder that what is the difference between the bow and the crossbow as they both share almost the same name.

In this article, we will be telling the difference between crossbow and bow depending on the various factors including the damage, reloading, crafting recipe, and enchantment. 

Bow Vs Crossbow

  • Damage 

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Starting our comparison with the damage given, both the bow and the crossbow give a decent amount of damage. However, the damage of the crossbow is more than that of the crossbow. The attack of the bow is 1-10 with a minimum being 1. The damage of the crossbow is 6-11 with the minimum being 6. 

  • Reloading 

Talking about the reloading speed of the bow and crossbow, the reloading speed of the bow is faster than the crossbow. It takes around 1.25 seconds to reload the crossbow, whereas it takes 1.10 seconds for the bow to reload. The reload speed of the crossbow is .15 seconds more than the bow. 


Both the crossbow and the bows have different enchantments in Minecraft. Crossbow has enchantments including multishot, quick charge, and piercing.

With multishot, players can shoot multiple arrows at once.

The quick charge enchantments reduce the amount of time taken by the crossbow to reload.

Similarly, with piercing, the arrow that is shot from the crossbow can pierce through multiple entities. 

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Talking about the enchantments of the bow, the bow has enchantments including infinity, power, flame, and punch, which is only exclusive to the bow.

With infinity enchantment, bows can shoot an infinite amount of arrows. Punch enchantment increases the knockback of the arrow.

With flame enchantment, you can shoot arrows with flames, and the power of enchantment increases the amount of damage given by the bow. 

  • Crafting Recipe

Crafting recipes of bow and crossbow are also different. Bow requires less material to get crafted than the crossbow, but that doesn’t mean that the crafting recipe is complicated for both. 

To craft a bow, you will need three sticks and three strings. You don’t need iron to craft a bow. However, talking about the crafting recipe of the crossbow, to craft a crossbow, you will need three sticks, two strings, a tripwire hook, and also one iron ingot. 

Final Words

That’s the difference between the bow and crossbow in Minecraft. Considering the above points, the crossbow is more powerful than the bow, but when it comes to simple crafting recipes and quick reload time, the bow is ahead of the crossbow. It depends on you, what weapon you want to go for. 

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