Can you connect Smart TV to Mobile Hotspot?

Can you connect Smart TV to a mobile hotspot? This is a question that a lot of people are wondering about right now.

With the advent of Smart TVs and them becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day, we know that everyone has a Smart TV in their living room nowadays.

Smart TVs are basically TV sets that can connect to the internet as well as give you access to various OTT platforms and other apps.

Since these TVs can connect to the internet, you might be wondering about how you can connect a Smart TV to the internet without WiFi.

Well, the answer to this question is via a mobile hotspot. Now, the next question would be can you connect Smart TV to mobile hotspot and the answer is Yes.

Almost every smartphone nowadays has internet access thanks to the telecom operators giving you data packs. Through these data packs, you can even run your Smart TVs with the help of mobile hotspots.

In this article, we are going to show you how to connect Smart TV to the mobile hotspot in a very simple and easy process.

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Can you Connect Smart TV to Mobile Hotspot?

Yes, it is possible to connect Smart TV to Mobile Hotspot for internet access to your TV and we will show you how in this guide.

You might be connecting your Smart TV to Mobile Hotspot because your WiFi is not working or your LAN cable is broken or you simply don’t have a wired internet connection at your home.

In that case, you can connect Smart TV to the internet via the mobile hotspot and use your telecom operator’s data to watch shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime and YouTube videos as well.

To connect your Smart TV to Mobile Hotspot, follow these steps:

  • Go to your network settings on the TV and allow the TV to scan for networks.
  • Enable mobile hotspot on your phone by going to Settings > WiFi & Internet > Hotspot & tethering if you are using an Android device.
  • On an iPhone, you can enable mobile hotspot by going to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and then enable the option to Allow others to join.
  • Now that your mobile hotspot is turned on, you will see the network on your TV.
  • Join this network with the password you have set while enabling the mobile hotspot and your TV will be connected to the internet.

This is the entire process of connecting your Smart TV to a mobile hotspot and connecting to the internet.

As long as your mobile internet is stable and fast, you will have no problems watching your favorite OTT shows on the TV.

Depending on your connection speeds, the video quality will also be determined by the Smart TV so you might see blurry pictures because it is designed to use less data when not connected to WiFi.

Make sure that you have enough data left on your data pack so that you don’t burn out all the data watching videos on your Smart TV and have nothing left when you want to use data on your phone.

We have also seen reports from various users that their Smart TV is unable to connect to mobile hotspot so we are going to touch on that topic as well in this article below:

Why won’t my TV connect to Hotspot?

It is possible that your Smart TV is not connecting to the mobile hotspot even after you have done everything correctly.

Here are a few possible reasons and solutions which you can try to force your TV to connect to the hotspot:

  • Switch off both your TV and Phone and restart both the devices and let the TV scan for networks again and then join the hotspot. It is possible that your internet might start working after the restart.
  • It could be possible that your data could be exhausted which is why your TV is not connecting to the hotspot. If that’s the case, you need to contact your telecom operator and tell them that you need to add more data to your pack.

What if your TV is not picking up your WiFi signals properly?

We have seen complaints from various users who say that they have a WiFi connection at their home along with a Smart TV that they just bought.

They are now trying to connect their Smart TV to a WiFi network but either their WiFi signals are too low or they are simply out of range.

In that case, what can they do to make their TV connect to WiFi and stay in range?

Well, if your TV is placed too far across from your WiFi router then it is possible that the signals might be weak or it may face no signal issue as well.

Nowadays, most smartphones have the ability to become WiFi repeaters which are also called range extenders.

So what you can do is turn on the mobile hotspot on your phone even when WiFi is connected. This will make the phone extend your WiFi signals as a hotspot and your TV can connect to the WiFi with the help of your mobile.

This simple technique of extending the WiFi signals of your router is also known as range extension.

If you have a bigger house and it is not possible to place a WiFi router in every corner of your house then range extenders are the best way to get WiFi signals everywhere.

Your mobile devices can be the cheapest range extenders you can get out there provided that you have some spare ones which can be placed in the same place all the time.


From this article, you might have had a fair idea of whether you can connect Smart TV to a Mobile hotspot or not and also how you can go about this entire process.

Also, we have addressed the issue of why your TV might not be connecting to the hotspot and how you can extend the range of your WiFi router as well.

We hope that you liked this article and you can share this article with your friends and family who also have a Smart TV and want to connect it to a mobile hotspot to access the internet.

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