How to fix ‘ADB server version doesn’t match this client’ error

How to fix adb version doesnt match this client error

ABD is a command-line tool using which one can form a connection between their PC and their phones, and be able to perform tasks such as installing APK, debugging apps, and various other features.

However, when using the ADB command-line tool, one can face various types of errors. There are different types of errors that one can face when using ADB.

One such error is the ‘ADB doesn’t match this client server’ error.

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ADB doesn’t match this client-server is one of the most common errors that one may face when using ADB commands.

This error usually occurs, when you have more than one binaries for ADB. If you are also facing the ‘ADB doesn’t match this client server’ error, then you are at the right place.

There can be multiple fixes for this error. In this article, we will be discussing the fixes for the ‘ADB doesn’t match this client server’ error.

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Fixing ‘ADB Doesn’t Match This Client Server’ Error

adb server version doesnt match this client error
adb server version doesn’t match this client error

This part of the article will be discussing the fixes for the ‘ADB doesn’t match this client server’ error.

Before you continue, make sure you have connected your phone to your computer using the USB and turned on USB debugging.

  • To turn on USB debugging, first, you will have to turn on developer options.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and then to the about phone section. In the about section, tap on build number a few times until you see a notification ‘You are now a developer’ at the bottom of your screen.
  • You will have successfully turned on the developer options.
  • After turning on the developer options head back to the settings menu and then search for developer options. 
  • In the developer options, you will find the USB debugging toggle. Enable it to turn on USB debugging.

After doing that, you can head to the fixes given below.

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Killing The Alternate ADB servers

The very first fix that you can try is killing the alternate ADB servers. As we have already discussed, this error occurred because of more than one ADB binaries.

This is one of the easiest methods that you can try.

  • To do so, head to the platform-tools folder on your PC, while your phone is connected to your PC using the USB cable. In the platform-tools folder, head to the address bar that you see on the top of the file manager window and type in CMD, and hit enter. This will open the command prompt terminal.
  • In the command prompt terminal, execute the command ‘adb kill-server’. This command will kill the alternate server that hinders the process.
  • After executing the above command, now execute the command ‘adb start –server’. This command only restarts the server that is required during the process.

The above method will first kill the server that is not required, and will only restart the server that is required. So, you will no longer face the ‘ADB doesn’t match the client server’ error. If this method doesn’t fix the issue for you, then you can head to the next method.

Killing The ADB Server Manually

If the above method doesn’t fix the issue, then you can try deleting the server manually. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Type adb version in the command prompt terminal and execute the command.
  • You will see different versions of the ADB when you enter this command. You will see two servers or more than that.
  • One will be the official Google’s ADB and the other will be a third-party ADB. You will have to keep Google’s ADB while killing the other.
  • Now head to the third party ADB platform-tools folder, and then in the address bar type CMD and hit enter to open the command prompt terminal.
  • In the command prompt terminal type in the command ‘adb kill-server’ and execute it to kill the server. It is recommended to delete the third-party ADB tools.
  • Next, head to the platform-tools folder of Google’s ADB tool. Search for the CMD from the address bar and open it. In the terminal window execute the command adb start-server to start the server.

This will stop the ‘ADB doesn’t match this client server’ error. However, you can check whether the issue is solved or not by entering the command adb version in the command prompt.

If you see only one ADB version, then that means the issue has been solved.

Add/ Change/ Delete The ADB Path Environment Variable

In this method, you will have to delete the path of the third-party ADB tool. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • In the start menu of your PC, search for view advanced system settings and open it.
  • In the advanced tab, click on the Environment Variables button.
  • In the environmental variables section, you will further see two sections- user variables and system variables. In the system variables, select the path field and click on edit.
  • Now, you will see two ADB tools added here. Select the third-party ADB tool and click on the delete button to delete it. Now, you will see only one platform-tools folder. If you don’t see it, then you will have to add it manually.
  • Click on the browse button, and then head to the path where the official ADB tool by Google is and select it.
  • Once done, click OK to close the window.

This will fix the error that you were facing earlier.

Final Words

These were the methods using which you can fix the ‘ADB doesn’t match this client server’ error. Hope you didn’t find the methods in this article too difficult to follow.

Do not miss any single step in the method to troubleshoot the error you are facing.


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