How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-EDU122

Hulu is probably one of the best streaming services with more than 50 live channels as well as movies and TV shows.

Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms available in the USA. However, users using Hulu can face Hulu Error Code P-EDU122 when they try to access the content outside the USA.

Hulu restricts the content on its website outside of the USA, and thus anyone trying to stream the content outside the United States of America can get this error message with the error code P-EDU122.

This is one of the most common errors that one can face when traveling outside the USA. This can be frustrating as well because, with this restriction, users will be unable to stream the content when traveling or when outside the USA.

Hulu Geo will block the users from streaming content when they are not in the USA or its territories but still try to stream the content on Hulu.

With that being said, Hulu is only restricted to the USA. But what if you live in the USA and want to stream content on the go?

When trying to stream content out of the USA, you will get the error code ‘P-EDU122’ which won’t let you stream content.

If you are facing this error, then you shouldn’t be worried about it. In this article, we will be discussing how you can fix the Hulu Error Code ‘P-EDU122’ and stream content outside the USA.

Fix Hulu Error Code P-EDU122

General Fixes

There are certain general fixes that you should follow before you move the actual fixes.

Many times the issue is caused due to minor bugs, which can be fixed by following troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you are having a stable internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, then you may experience a certain error when streaming content on Hulu.
  • Try using a different network or if you are using Wi-Fi then try using the wired connection. If it works, then there is probably some problem with your internet. You can contact your ISP to get that fixed.
  • Try logging out and then logging in again to the Hulu services. You can also try reinstalling the Hulu application.
  • Ensure there are no issues with the server. Sometimes server errors can also cause the error. If the error is caused by the server-side, then you can do nothing about it.
  • Even if you are in the USA and still facing the error code P-EDU122 then it might be a bug. Sometimes a server-side bug will be fixed automatically after some time so you need not worry about that.

Use Anonymous Proxy Tools

You can prefer using a proxy tool to access the platform when streaming content out of the USA.

The proxy tool will hide your actual location with some locations in the United States. This is one of the easiest methods to fix the location blocking restrictions from Hulu.

It works with proxy servers with IP addresses, but not that Hulu looks for IP addresses that are connected to the Proxy tool.

It will block your IP address if you are found using a proxy tool.

You will get a message on your screen:

“Based on your IP address, we determine that you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool”.

Hulu is not currently available outside of the United States.

If you are in the United States, you must disable anonymity to access the videos on Hulu.

However, you can get various tools using which you can mask your real location, you will have to be careful because Hulu can detect whether your location is masked by proxy tools or not.

You will have to search carefully for the proxy tool that you will have to use to mask the location.

Prefer Using VPN

Use VPN to access Hulu outside USA
Use VPN to access Hulu outside the USA

Another way to get past the P-EDU122 error code is to use a good VPN. Many people prefer using VPN to change their location to bypass the geographic block on the site.

The process is as same as proxy masking the IP. What VPN does is, encrypts the data traffic, thus giving your surfing privacy.

Similar to proxy tools, you may find several VPNs that you can use to change the location to somewhere in the USA.

However, just like proxy tools, you will have to be careful when choosing VPN.

There are free VPN as well as paid VPN that you can use. Free VPN restricts you in various ways.

For instance, some VPNs don’t allow you to select the location, whereas some might have limited surfing data for you to surf the websites.

You will have to select a VPN network carefully so that it doesn’t cause any problem when you are streaming content on Hulu. We would recommend you to go for a free VPN.


These are the possible fixes for the Hulu Error Code P-EDU122. You will encounter this problem when you are out of the USA.

However, if you are facing this problem even if you are in the USA, then you can try the general fixes.

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