8 Ways to Fix Hulu Load Failure on Xbox/FireTV Stick/Samsung Smart TVs

Hulu is a very popular streaming platform and we all know that it can be a popular streaming platform without its errors.

Similarly, Hulu Load Failure is an error which gets encountered by users every now and then it is seen that this error occurs when you play any video from Hulu’s library.

You can stream Hulu on almost all the popular streaming devices such as FireStick, Samsung TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox and even more.

This means that there is no apparent reason why this error occurs. But don’t you worry as we will fix this error for you in this article.

Hulu Playback failure error is also commonly seen but the Hulu Load failure is not as common as the previous one.

However, it still pops up every now and then so we will tell you exactly what you need to do when Hulu load failure comes up.

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What is Hulu Load Failure and what causes the error to occur?

Hulu Load Failure is an error code which gets triggered by the app or system when it fails to perform according to expectation or it is having trouble loading functions due to Hulu outage or any other reason.

Regarding what causes the Hulu Load Failure error, it is possible that since it occurs at the app launch then the service might be down.

If there is no problem at Hulu’s end, you can check your internet connection or connected devices and also see the app corrupt error.

We have listed down all the possible fixes for the Hulu Load Failure error down below so you just have to follow them step-by-step.

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How to Fix Hulu Load Failure error?

Hulu Load Failure
Hulu Load Failure

As we mentioned earlier, Hulu Load Failure error can be caused by a variety of reasons and we can’t pinpoint exactly what caused the problem.

However, what we can do is investigate all the possible reasons why the error occured and then apply a fix.

So, here are all the possible fixes to Hulu Load Failure error:

1. Check Hulu Service Status

The first step you need to take is check if the Hulu servers are up or not. It is possible that the problem can be at Hulu’s end and you are trying to solve non-existent problems.

If Hulu’s service is down then you will not have to do anything as the errors will go away as soon as the service is up.

To check if Hulu is down or not, go to DownDetector.com or visit this link which will take you to Hulu status page and check if it says Hulu has problems or not.

2. Check your Internet Connection

If Hulu’s servers are up then the next thing you need to do is check if your internet connection is working or not.

If your internet connection is down then also you can get the Hulu Load Failure error so to check if your internet is working or not, go to Fast.com and check if the website loads or not.

If the website loads but the internet speed is very slow then also you might be facing problems with Hulu Load Failure error.

Contact your Internet Service Provider and tell them that your internet is not working as expected and that this needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

3. Check if Hulu works on the Web Browser

If Hulu is not loading on your FireStick or Samsung TV or any other streaming device, check if it is loading on your web browser or not.

To do this, open your PC or Laptop and open its web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari and then go to Hulu.com

If it loads and the videos are playing properly then it means that the problem is with your streaming device and you need to troubleshoot more.

4. Fix Hulu Load Failure on Amazon FireStick

In order to fix Hulu Load Failure error on Amazon FireStick, you need to first check if there are any updates available or not. If updates are available then update the FireStick and see if it solves the problem.

Also, restart the Amazon FireStick once to solve any glitch that may be caused by temporary cache errors.

If it fails to solve the Hulu Load Failure error then follow these steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, force close the Hulu app on Amazon FireStick and see if the Hulu Load Failure error goes away or not.
  • If not, go to Menu > Settings > Applications and uninstall the app from your device.
  • After that, go to Amazon App Store and reinstall the Hulu app and check if the problem gets solved or not.

5. Fix Hulu Load Failure error on Samsung TV, Smart TV, Vizio and other Smart TVs

If you are unable to open Hulu on Samsung TV or other Smart TVs due to Hulu Load Failure error then you can apply the following fixes to solve the error at your end.

  • Perform a power cycle to fix the Hulu Load Failure error which means you need to switch off your TV, remove the cable for 20 seconds and then plug it back in after 20 seconds.
  • Deactivate and Reactivate the device by going to Hulu account page where you can view all your activated devices.
  • Remove all the devices and then relaunch the Hulu app on your Samsung TV or other Smart TV and login to your account on that device to activate the device once again.

6. Fix Hulu Load Failure on PS3, Ps4, Xbox One and other devices

To fix Hulu Load Failure error on PlayStation and Xbox devices, you need to try the following steps to see if they work or not:

  • Try to open other apps installed on your device and play them to see if they are working or not. If they are working then it means that the problem is only with your Hulu app.
  • Clear cache on your console and see if the error goes away or not. Check your modem and router for connectivity issues.
  • On Xbox devices, check if there is an update available and apply update if there is any available.

7. Uninstall and Install Hulu again

The last but one of the best solutions to your problem is to uninstall the Hulu app from your device that you are facing problems with.

Corrupt data or outdated version of Hulu app can trigger problems such as Hulu Load Failure error and you might be left wondering what caused this problems.

To uninstall the Hulu app, open the App Library or Menu of your streaming device and uninstall the app.

Once the app is uninstalled, restart the device to apply changes and then reinstall the app from its respective app store.

8. Contact Hulu support

If everything else fails and even the Hulu uninstall and reinstall step does not work in fixing the Hulu Load Failure error then contact Hulu support from this link.

Tell them exactly what problem you are facing and also let them know what troubleshooting steps you took to solve the problem.

After all these details, they will be able to help you solve the problem or at least give you a resolution and might give you a refund as well.


In this article, we have provided all the possible fixes to solve the Hulu Load Failure error on your devices such as Samsung TV or Xbox or PlayStation or Amazon FireStick.

Do let us know in the comments down below if you were able to fix the Hulu Load Failure error with any of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above.

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