Fix$annotatedconnectexception error

Fix$annotatedconnectexception error

Are you facing$annotatedconnectexception error when playing Minecraft?

It is a connection timed out error that you may face when the connection between the host and the server is lost.

This is a common Minecraft error that users are most likely to face. However, being the most common error also means that it is easy to fix as well.

If you have been facing this error while trying to play Minecraft on your PC, then we are here to help you with that.

‘$annotatedconnectexception’ is a common error that users can face while playing Minecraft, and there is nothing to worry about it, because we have got you covered.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can fix this error in Minecraft that has been stopping you from playing the game seamlessly.

Check Your Internet Connection

You are most likely to face this error due to an unstable internet connection. You should try checking your internet speed to know the root cause of the error.

If you are facing slow speed on your internet, then you should probably try troubleshooting your internet connection.

Try bringing your router close to your PC and also try connecting your router to your PC via the LAN cable to ensure faster internet speed.

If you still face internet speed issues, then you should probably contact your ISP and ask them to get the issue fixed.

Internet Speed

However, if the internet is stable and the speed is not slow, then the reason behind you facing the$annotatedconnectexception is something else.

If you have tried troubleshooting your network, then you should move to the next step.

Uninstall Problematic Software

Some third-party programs may also interrupt the proper functioning of the game due to which you may face this error.

If you are facing this error after you installed some third-party software on your PC, then you should prefer uninstalling that software first.

  • In this Start Menu, search for the program you recently installed.
  • Select the program, right-click on it and then click on Uninstall. Confirm uninstalling the program.
  • Once the program is uninstalled, you should try running the Minecraft application, and you will no longer face the issue.

Allow Minecraft Through Firewall

Windows Firewall may also block Minecraft and may cause the connection time out an error like$annotatedconnectexception.

You should try allowing Minecraft through Firewall, and then see if you still face the issue or not.

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To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • In the Start Menu, search for Windows Security and open it.
  • Now, click on Firewall & Network protection in the left sidebar on Windows Security. Next on the right side, click on Allow an app through firewall. 
  • Click on the Change settings button on the next window that appears.
  • After doing so, click on Allow another app.
  • Next, head to the installation folder of Minecraft. Do this for the Minecraft server folder as well as Java executables. 
  • Once done, repeat step four mentioned (i.e., click on Change Settings), and then scroll down to find the list of Java Platform SE Binary. Allow it for both Public and Private networks.
  • After doing so, click on OK, and close all the windows.
  • Now relaunch Minecraft on your PC, and you should be able to play it without facing the error.

Add IP Address And Select Suitable Working Port

Another thing that you can prefer doing is adding your IP and a suitable port number to play the game.

Many times, doing so can easily fix the internet connectivity issues that you may face. To add the IP address and select a suitable working port, follow the steps given below-

  • In the Start Menu, search for CMD. 
  • Right-click on Command Prompt, and then click on Run as administrator to run the Command Prompt as administrator.
  • In the Command Prompt, type ipconfig and hit Enter. This will show your IPv4 address. Note it down somewhere safe.
  • After doing so, head to the Minecraft Servers folder. Now head to the Maxwell (Minecraft Server folder) and then to Minecraft Server. Also, open the Server properties text document at the same time.
  • Now, note down the Server Port.
  • Open Minecraft on your PC and then head to the Play Multiplayer option.
  • Here, select the server that you want to play in, and then click on Edit.
  • Here, type the IPv4 address and then click on Done. This will join you to the server with this IPv4 address.
  • After doing so, you will have to refresh to apply the changes.

Reinstall Minecraft

If you are still facing the same issue, then you should try reinstalling Minecraft. There may be some issue with the game, which may only be solved by reinstalling the game.

To reinstall the Minecraft, follow the steps given below-

  • Press the Windows key combo on your keyboard to open Start Menu. 
  • In the Start Menu, search for Minecraft. Right-click on it, and then click on Uninstall to uninstall the game.
  • After you have uninstalled the game, head to the Microsoft Store on your PC.

Install Minecraft

  • Search for Minecraft on the Microsoft Store. Select the relevant search result, and then click on Get/Install to install Minecraft on your PC.
  • Now launch Minecraft on your PC and set it up. You should now no longer face the issue that you were facing with Minecraft.

Final Words

This is how you can fix$annotatedconnectexception error on Minecraft.

Following the above steps, you will be able to fix the issue that you were facing with Minecraft.

We hope this article helps you solve the issue you were facing with Minecraft.


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