How to fix ODIN stuck at setup connection error

How to fix ODIN stuck at setup connection error

Samsung devices use Odin to flash custom ROMs and images to their device. Odin was previously used by Samsung service centers to flash stock ROMs, but not users can use the app on their own to flash stock ROM on the devices.

However, many users have complained about facing setup connection errors when using Odin.

Users have complained about the application being stuck at the setup connection while flashing the ROM.

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Well, the error can occur due to several reasons, and if you are also facing this error then you need not worry about it.

In this article, we will be discussing the possible fixes for the Odin stuck at setup connection error. Follow the steps carefully to ensure you fix the error that you were facing.

Fix ODIN Stuck At Setup Connection Error

ODIN stuck at setup connection error
ODIN stuck at setup connection error

Loading The PIT File Of The Device

The very first fix that you can try to solve the issue is loading the PIT file of the device. Before continuing ensure you have the correct PIT file.

You can download the PIT file from here.

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Follow the steps given below to load the PIT file on Odin.

  • Click on the PIT tab on the Odin screen, and load the PIT file of the device.
  • Head to the Options tab, and from there enable the Re-Partition. 

This should fix the error, and Odin should flash the file correctly.

However, if the above solution didn’t work, then you can move to the next step.

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Rebooting To Download Mode Again

If the above method didn’t work, then you can try going for this method.

  • Open the Odin, and ensure all the files are placed into their slots.
  • Now head to the options tab, and ensure you have enabled ‘Auto-reboot’. This option should be ticked, which means that you have enabled it.
  • After you enable Auto-reboot, click on start. As soon as you click on start, hold down the volume down + power button + Bixby button for a few seconds. Now the Odin will fail the flashing process, and this will reboot your phone into download mode again.
  • After this, you can click the start button again, and now ODIN should start flashing the file to your device.

Many times, you might have to follow the process a few times. So, if the process didn’t work well the first time, you need not worry about it.

Try it 2-3 times, and it should work. If even after trying a few times, it didn’t work, then you can move to the next method.

Turn Off The Device

You can simply try turning off the device. To do so, press and hold the power button, and your device will turn off.

However, this will soft-brick your device if you were flashing firmware, so you need not worry about that.

If you power off your device in between the process, then you need not worry about that, because it will only soft-brick your device, and you can re-flash the software using Odin.

Make sure you have a backup because it can delete all the files and data on your phone.

 While your device is off, if you hold down the power button volume key, you will be booted to Odin mode.

However, if you accidentally boot into Odin Mode, you need not re-flash the software. You can turn on the device normally, and everything will be working normally again.

Update The Odin

If any of the above methods didn’t work, then you can try updating the Odin software on your PC.

This issue is quite common and mostly occurs because of the outdated Odin software running on your PC.

To fix the issue, simply update the Odin and that’s it, you will have successfully solved the issue.

These were some methods to help you fix the Odin stuck at setup connection error. We hope that the article helped you solve the error.

If it did help you out, do let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Keep In Mind When Using Odin To Flash Files On Your Device?

Firstly ensure that you have the backup to all your data. This is to prevent data loss if the process stops in between.

Always use the original USB cable when flashing files. You should connect the cable directly to the computer and not on a USB hub. Use Odin in administrator mode.

How To Fix The Odin Stuck At Setup Connection Error?

You can follow the methods mentioned in this article. We have mentioned the possible fixes for the Odin stuck at setup connection error.

Make sure you follow them correctly and don’t miss out on any single step mentioned here.

What Other Errors Can You Face While Using Odin?

Some of the other errors that you can face while using Odin are: ‘Odin does not recognize my device,’ ‘Odin fail error,’ ‘Odin stuck on sboot.bin.lz4 and Set partition,’ and ‘There is no PIT partition.’

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