How to fix Razer Phone 2 randomly freezing issue

Razer 2 is one of the best phones that was launched back in 2018. The phone shares really good specs, which will make you fall in love with the phone.

However, many users have reported Razer phone 2 randomly freezing issues with their device. 

This issue can occur because of various reasons. If you are reading this article, then it might be probably because of the same issue that other people are facing.

You need not worry if your phone keeps freezing randomly. We have compiled a list of possible fixes for the issue of Razer phone 2 randomly freezing. 

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What Can Cause Razer Phone 2 Freezing issues?

There are various reasons because of which the issue of Razer phone 2 freezing may be caused.

Sometimes the latest update may be buggy which may cause the phone. Even if you do not update your phone for a long time, then it may start to freeze.

You should reset your phone in six months or more. However, if you are facing the freezing issue on Razer Phone 2, then this might be because you haven’t reset your phone in a very long time. 

Another reason for this issue to occur is third-party apps that are malfunctioning. There might be apps that might be hindering the performance of your phone, and freeze it.

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This might occur when you install a new app, and then you might face this error. If you are also facing this error after installing an app, then that might be because of a malfunctioning third-party app. 

The full internal memory may also be a cause of the issue. If you are facing this issue, then it might be because the ROM or the RAM on your device is full.

ROM is the internal memory of the device, which stores files, whereas the RAM is the memory for the process running in the background, and for the temporary files created by them.

As you open more and more apps on your phone, the RAM will start getting full, and similarly, if you install more apps on your phone, the ROM will start getting full.

If you are encountering the error of Razer Phone 2 freezing, then this might be because the phone’s memory is full. 

Well, there might be several reasons because of which this error might be encountered on your phone. As simple is the cause of the error, simpler will be the fix for it.

How to fix Razer phone 2 Randomly Freezing Issue?

Razer Phone 2
Razer Phone 2

Check What’s The Issue

The very first thing that you should do is check what’s the issue. Sometimes, this may be because your device is too old to support the apps that you run and that’s why it may be crashing or freezing.

However, if you are not using too many apps despite your device being old, then the issue might be caused because of other reasons. You should check what is causing the issue. This will help fix the issue, and stop your phone from freezing. 

Check For System Update

If you haven’t updated your phone for a very long time, then this may also be the cause of the error.

You may check for the system update on your device. If there is any update for your phone, try installing it and then check whether your system works fine or not. 

Check For Updates On Third-Party App

If you are facing the issue on your phone, then this might be because of third-party apps hindering the system’s optimal performance.

Sometimes a bug in the third-party app may cause the issue. So what you can do is head to the Google Play Store and check for the app updates.

Update all the apps, and check whether the error persists or not. 

Boot Your Phone Into Safe Mode

Safe modes don’t run third-party apps. So if you are in safe mode all the third-party apps on your phone will be greyed out.

To boot into Safe Mode, you will need to long-press the power button and long-press the restart option.

From the restart options, select “boot into safe mode” and you will be rebooted to safe mode.

Once in grey mode, you can test your phone for some time. It would be preferred that you continue to run your phone for 5-6 hours, and it would be more beneficial if you run it in safe mode for a day.

If in safe mode, your phone does not freeze, then that means the freezing issue was caused by a third-party app on your phone.

Now you will have to find that app and reinstall it. To boot into safe mode, first, turn off your phone. Now press the power button until the animation appears.

Now when the animation is visible on the screen, hold down the volume down button. Your phone will now be booted to safe mode, and you will see safe mode written at the bottom of your screen.

Clear Phone Memory

You should uninstall apps that are of no use to you. Moreover, delete the files that you no longer access. This will clear up the memory of your phone.

Also if you are not using an app for a very long time, but it is still running in the background, then you can close the app.

Also, you should reset your Razer phone 2 frequently to prevent the freezing issue. You can schedule when to restart your phone.

Reset Your Phone

If all the above methods didn’t solve the issue, then you can try resetting your phone. Resetting your phone will bring it to factory settings.

It will delete all the files on your phone, uninstall all the apps, and make it new. Before resetting your phone, make sure you have a backup, in case there is an important file on your phone.

To Conclude

The above methods will fix the Razer phone 2 freezing issues. Make sure you follow the steps correctly and have a backup of your device before continuing.

This will help fix the freezing issue that you encounter randomly on your Razer Phone 2.


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