Best ways to fix Samsung One UI Battery Drain issues

One UI is the stock UI of Samsung. Many users after having used the device for quite a time now have reported issues like battery drain.

Well, battery drain is a common issue which not only Samsung users face but every other Android user does after a point in time.

The battery on your phone starts degrading after some time on your phone that it needs replacement.

However, most of the time the issue of battery drain can be because of the bugs in the UI after a certain update. 

Many users have reported battery drain issues in the Samsung One UI after a time on their device.

If you are a Samsung user and you too are facing battery drain issues on your device, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to fix Samsung One UI Battery Drain issues. 

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Fixing The Samsung One UI Battery Drain Issues

Samsung OneUI battery drain issues
Samsung OneUI battery drain issues

Know that battery drain issues don’t always mean a faulty battery. Battery drain issues can be caused because of some bugs in UI.

If you are facing a battery drain issue with the Samsung One UI, here are some possible fixes for it. 

Disable Always On Display

Samsung is probably famous for the display quality that their devices come with. Samsung devices feature an AMOLED display which comes with the Always On Display feature. 

With an Always-on display, your phone will always show a clock and notifications, and you can customize it the way you want.

But know that if your display is always on and is showing time and notifications always, it can lead to battery drain issues on your phone. 

If you are facing battery drain issues with Samsung One UI then you should probably try turning off the always-on display feature on your Samsung device. 

  • To do this visit the settings of your phone. In the settings menu of your phone, head to the display option.
  • In the display, you will find the Always On Display option. Open it, and turn it off. 

After turning off this feature, your display will not be always on. Moreover, it will enhance the battery performance of your phone. 

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Enabling Night Mode On Your Phone

OneUI Night Mode
OneUI Night Mode

The dark/night mode is one of the most popular features that come in most phones nowadays. You can find this feature in most of Samsung’s phones that are released as of now.

The night mode turns every black/dark. When it comes to dark mode, this feature is more enhanced in the Amoled displays than the normal IPS LCD panel.

With that being said, when you enable dark mode on your Samsung device you can expect better battery performance on your device. 

You can enable this option from the notification panel which you can access by sliding down from the top of your phone screen.

  • You can also enable this option from the Settings Menu.
  • In the settings menu search for the night mode option and enable it. 

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Make Sure Adaptive Brightness Is Turned On

Adaptive brightness is another feature that can be quite useful when it comes to fixing the battery drain issues of the phone.

Adaptive brightness means the phone will adjust according to the environment and the lighting of the place you are in.

When you turn on the adaptive display feature on your phone, your phone will adjust the brightness of the phone according to the environment of the place.

This will help you enhance the battery life of your phone and will fix battery drain issues. 

You can set the adaptive brightness from the notification panel. Swipe down from the top of your screen to bring down the notification panel.

  • The brightness slider in the notification panel will have an ‘A’ symbol or the brightness symbol.
  • Taping on the symbol will enable an adaptive display on your phone. 

Use Power Modes

There are different power modes that you will see on a Samsung device.

The power mode will include optimized mode, medium power saving, and maximum power saving.

Maximum power saving will affect the performance but will enhance the battery life of your phone. 

  • To enable the power mode, visit the settings of the phone. 
  • In the settings head to device care and then to battery section. In the battery section, you will see an option called power mode. 
  • Open the power mode, and you will see different power modes. By default, it will be set to optimize.
  • You must set it to maximum power saving or medium power saving to improve the battery life of your phone. 

Use Adaptive Battery Functionality

Using this option, you will optimize your phone to limit battery usage. You can restrict the battery usage of the apps that you do not use quite often.

To enable this feature, follow the steps given below-

  • Go to the settings of your phone. 
  • In the settings menu, head to the device care section, and then to the battery. 
  • You will find the ‘app power management option in the battery section. Click on it. 
  • Turn on the adaptive battery. Moreover, you can enable the option to ‘put unsued apps to sleep’ so any apps that you are not using will sleep to optimize the battery life of your phone. 

Reduce The Animation

Animations also consume a lot of your battery, and can also lead to battery drain issues in the Samsung One UI.

If you are suffering from battery drain issues in the Samsung One UI, you can try turning the animations of the phone off.

You will see animations when you open an app or when you close it. Animations might also appear when you are working on the app.

However, this may drain the battery a lot faster than with the animations being turned off. 

  • To turn off the animations, head to the settings menu of your phone. 
  • In the settings menu, visit the advanced features.
  • In the advanced features, you will see an option known as reduce animations”.
  • Enable the ‘reduce animations’ options to turn off the animations of your phone. 

Disable Fast Charging On Your Phone

Disable Fast Charging
Disable Fast Charging

The fact that you might know is fast charging degrades the battery life of your phone.

The battery of your phone has a fixed charge cycle, and after exceeding the charge cycle, the battery starts to degrade.

Fast charging over the long term can degrade the battery life of your phone and cause battery drain issues. 

In the best-case scenario, you should only go for fast charging when you are in a hurry and you need to charge your phone faster.

You should always go for the standard charging option as much as possible.

However, if you don’t have a standard charge and you only have a fast charge, you can disable the fast charging on your Samsung phone easily. 

  • Head to the settings of your phone, and then to device care. 
  • In the device care, head to the battery. 
  • You will see a charging option in the battery section, open it. 
  • Select the fast charging option, and then turn it off. 

Keep Your Phone updated

Many times you might face a battery drain issue with your phone because of the bug in the UI.

You should try checking for the update on your phone.

The update brings bug fixes, and this will probably fix the battery problem of your phone if it is due to a bug. 

Final Words

These were some of the best ways to fix Samsung One UI battery drain issues. However, if the above method didn’t solve your issue, then it is probably because of a faulty battery.

In case your device is quite old now, then there are higher chances of a defective battery.

In this case, it is advised to get the battery of your phone replaces.

Most of the time, the back of your phone gets a slight bump if there is a problem with the battery. Check if your phone has a bump at the back.

This may lead to a faulty battery. Get your phone to the service center and get it checked for battery issues. 

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