How to make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

There are various Minecraft tools that you will be required to use while playing the game. One such tool that you will require in Minecraft is a fletching table.

With this table, the villager can be turned into a Fletcher within the village. Fletcher villagers offer the players with flint, arrows, bows, and tipped arrows, which can be used by the player to fight the lethal mob.

This article will be your complete guide to fletching table, what are its usage, how you can create them, and much more.

How You Can Make Fletching Table In Minecraft?

Making a fletching table is easy in Minecraft, and you only need two items to make the table in Minecraft, i.e., Flint and any wood plank.

You will need 2 pieces of flit and 4 pieces of wood planks. Open the inventory in Minecraft and place the flint and broken wooden blocks and then process them in the inventory.

You will have to arrange the items in the given below order in the inventory-

Making Fletching Table
Credits: Gurugamer

What Does Fletching Table Look Like In Minecraft?

The fletching table looks like a wooden block with light yellow color and a target mark on it. Along with the target mark, it has some feathers, bows, and arrows designed on the surface.

You will have to combine the given items in the manner given below in order to create a fletching table in Minecraft.

Fletching Table
Credits: FirstSportz

Uses Of Fletching Table

The fletching table is a unique block that can only be used on the player. Players cannot use it themselves, except for giving it to some villages.

When placed near a villager who does not have any job, they can be converted into a Fletcher.

Fletcher sells bows, crossbows, and arrows. If the Fletcher is at an expert level, they can sell highly enchanted arrows.

The fletching table can also be used as fuel in blast furnaces, smokers, as well as in furnaces.

Final Words

That’s all you can need to know about the Fletching table in Minecraft. We have discussed the uses of the Fletching Table as well as what does it look like.

We have also discussed the guide to make a fletching table in Minecraft.

You can follow the steps given in this article to create a Fletching table in Minecraft.

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