5 Best Funny Links To Send to Friends – 2022 (100% Working Sites)

Are you one of those who spent a lot of time on the internet? One of those who play with online applications and social media apps and share funny kinds of stuff with their family and friends?

Or you might want to impress your crush with some funny links that make them laugh and like you more?

Well, if you have run out of funny links to send to your favorite people or randomly on the internet for everybody to laugh then do not worry.

Because this article will help you with the shortage of funny links to share so that you can go back to making others laugh.

When you browse online or are surfing through some media, you generally come across a lot of links.

Even every tab on the internet you are activating some link but the task here is to find funny links which are sharable and does not contain any type of harmful data.

Links can contain any type of data, it can be a photo link, a video link, a link to an article, etc. But people usually find funny in instantaneous things.

A link can contain data that can make the other person feel stupid and then funny or the data can contain a sight of a funny incident.

Whichever it may be, but it should make the other person laugh and relax. If you are looking for some funny links to send, then this is the article to look for.

Here are some funny links that you can send to your friends and close people.

Different Types Of Funny Content

Whenever you are surfing online or sharing any type of link with someone, it is important to be careful.

As mentioned before, a link can contain any type of data that on opening displays something funny. If it manages to trigger the sense of humor of the person opening it, then it can be called a funny link.

But first, it is important to understand what is funny. For this to clear out, below are some of the points that explain different types of funny links.

  • A link can contain some content which is an irony. Because ironies can be funny if quoted in a way that it forces you to think something over for one more time at least.
  • When you understand something and feel stupid to think it another way the first time then it does sound funny.
  • Sarcasm is truly funny sensible things that are based on facts but points to something funny. People with the capability to crack sarcasm at the right time are the funny ones.
  • A link data that contains sarcasm is also considered as funny.
  • What is funnier than a harmless prank. What adds more to funny when a prank gets wrong. A link, likably a video link that shares pranks are quite a type of funny link to send.
  • Now ever days, funny content presented by words and facts molded into funny context, is called a meme. A link directing to a meme is another type of funny content.
  • On the internet, you can find different content which is not funny but are presented in a way that it turns around and becomes funny.
  • People can make jokes or funny content out of anything.

Funny Links To Share With Others

Funny Links to Send
Funny Links to Send

You can share funny links to someone personally, or to a group chat, or you can choose to post it on your social platform and share it with everyone connected to you or that social platform.

Links are sharable to any amount of people and any number of times. Unless the content available on the link is set private or taken down from the internet, everyone can open it and share it multiple times.

Internet is full of such links or posts. Links to those funny posts are sharable and can be shared easily.

But if you want some more funny links to send other than you already have then feel free to send on from here.

How To Share A Link To A Funny Post?

Sharing is a link is not a hard job to do. All you can do is copy a link and paste it to some message box and share.

Or send a link from your inbox directly to somewhere else.

But if you have found a funny post on the internet or some social media platform and want to share its link, then what do you do?

If you don’t know how to do that and here’s the stepwise solution.

  • Whenever you see a post on the internet, you will always find an option that will load a menu related to that post.
  • That menu can be denoted with three dots or horizontal lines. Like on Instagram and Facebook, you can find a three dots option top right side of the post.
  • Click on that menu option, there you will find the option of share post or copy link.
  • If the share post option is available, click on it and share directly, or copy the link and then share it.
  • If you found anything funny on the website, just copy the link of the website and share.


Sharing funny links on the internet is a common job done by people using the internet daily. While sharing a link, one must see that the link must not carry any harmful or inappropriate content.

Apart from this, you can share any funny link you find on the internet. If the viewers like it, they share it more.

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