[Detailed Guide] How to Fix Gmail won’t load issue

Have you ever faced the issue of Gmail won’t load on an Android phone or your web browser and you are trying to find solutions on how to get it back to a working state?

In this article, we are going to do exactly that as we will give you a detailed guide on how to fix Gmail won’t load issue.

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What is the reason behind Gmail not loading on your PC or Smartphone?

There are several reasons as to why Gmail won’t load in your web browser or on your iOS or Android device and we will explain them to you right here.

First of all, it is possible that your device or its browser might be incompatible with Gmail or any browser extension could be causing issues with its operation.

It is also possible that your browser’s cache and cookies might be outdated or corrupted which could also cause some problems in loading Gmail on your browser.

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Your internet connection might also be down or slow which could cause problems for Gmail to load on your browser.

Whatever might be the reason, we are here to tell you that this article will help you to fix the Gmail won’t load issue once and for all.

How to Fix Gmail won’t load issue?

Gmail won't load
Gmail won’t load

As we mentioned earlier, there might be a lot of different reasons why Gmail won’t load in your browser or on your iOS or Android device.

But what we need to focus on right now is a solution to our problem. In this article, we fix the Gmail won’t load issue for everyone as follows:

#1. Restart your computer or device

The first method to solve your Gmail won’t load issue is to restart your computer or smartphone as we have seen that this method is very useful in solving the problem.

So what you have do is shut down the PC or smartphone, power it on again and then open Gmail to see if it works or not.

If your problem is simple, there are high chances that restarting will fix your Gmail won’t load issue.

#2. Use another browser 

If you have been using Google Chrome to browse Gmail and the app or website is not loading then it is possible there is an issue with your browser’s cache files.

So to check if the problem is with your browser, use another browser such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge and open Gmail on it.

If the Gmail app loads on different browser then you can be assured that there is a problem with your Google Chrome browser.

In that case, reset the Google Chrome browser and clear all cache and cookies to fix the issue.

#3. Check to see if Gmail servers are down

While we have seen that Google is quite reliable when it comes to servers and staying up online as long as possible, it is possible that its servers might be down.

So you should also check if Gmail is down before doing other steps to fix Gmail won’t load issue.

To check if Gmail is down or not, go to isitdownrightnow.com and type Gmail.com and check if it shows online or offline.

If it shows that Gmail is offline then you need not worry as Google engineers might already be on it and the service will come back online very soon.

#4. Clear the browser cache and cookies

If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge then you need to clear cache and cookies to fix Gmail won’t load issue.

It is quite possible that there was a bug with the cookies and cache files which caused them to be outdated or corrupted and they are causing Gmail to not load on your PC.

#5. Make sure your Internet is working properly

While we have tried all the different methods to fix Gmail won’t load, it is possible that the issue lies in our own network.

Basically, if your internet is not working or working very slowly then obviously Gmail won’t load on your browser.

To check your internet connection, go to Speedtest.net and check your internet speeds.

If this website does not load then your internet is down and if the internet speeds are very slow then also Gmail won’t load.

To fix this issue, call your internet service provider and tell them to fix your internet connection as soon as possible.

#6. Reinstall the browser

If all your browsers are causing problems of Gmail won’t load on them then it is possible that they have all been corrupted by faulty files.

In that case, you can reinstall the browsers by uninstalling them and then downloading and installing them as fresh on your PC.

In some extreme cases, you might even need to factory reset your PC in order to fix the Gmail won’t load issue.

#7. Contact Gmail support

While many don’t know about this, there is actually a Gmail Help site where you can see frequently asked questions and solutions to them which will be answered by certified Google experts.

This is definitely the best way to solve all your Gmail-related problems as they come directly from the company that makes this product.


In this article, we have mentioned about the best possible methods to fix Gmail won’t load issue and we are sure that at least one of these methods will help you in solving this problem.

Also, if you are able to fix the Gmail won’t load issue with the help of this article then feel free to share this article with friends and family to help them too.

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