How Does Facebook Order Your Friends List?

Are you also wondering about How Does Facebook Order Your Friends List? If you are then all your questions will be answered in this article right here.

Facebook has changed its friend-sorting algorithm over the years and it has now become more mature.

Facebook Friends List
Facebook Friends List

Currently, you will see a list of 9 friends from your friend’s list displayed when someone visits your profile from a desktop.

From the Facebook app or mobile browser, you will be able to see 6 people from your friend’s list displayed at the top of your profile.

Once you click to see more friends, you will see the entire list but even that can be hidden if you have a Private account on Facebook.

But have you ever wondered why these 6 or 9 people are shown at the top of your friend’s list to everyone and How does Facebook determine your friend list order?

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If you have then we are going to explain everything to you in detail down below as to How Does Facebook Order your Friends List.

How does Facebook Order your Friends List?

How Does Facebook Order Your Friends List
How Does Facebook Order Your Friends List

There are many factors that affect the Facebook algorithm to determine which are the top 9 for desktop and the top 6 people for mobile that will be displayed at the top of your profile.

We will take a look at some of these factors down below:

1. Communication

Facebook tracks the communication you do between your friends such as chatting with each other, commenting on each other’s posts as well as liking the posts they publish.

This is all a part of one of the factors that determine the Facebook algorithm to determine your friends’ list order which is Communication.

2. Profile Views

If you are checking someone’s profile and they too are checking your profile then it means that you both mutually interact with each other quite a lot.

This is also the factor that determines how your friends’ list will be ordered on Facebook and chances are that the person who is displayed at the top will have the most number of profile views.

3. Profile Interactions

If you want someone to stay on top of your Facebook Friends Order List then you can go to their wall and write some funny comments or post something such as wishing them a happy birthday.

In this way, the Facebook algorithm will get the data it needs to keep the friend at the top of your friends’ list.

4. Photo Interactions

When you interact with someone’s photos a lot such as liking them, tagging someone to someone else’s photos as well as commenting on them then this is also a factor that determines if or not the Facebook friend should stay on top of your friends’ list.

5. Facebook Search

Facebook Search is also a factor that the algorithm takes into account to make sure how your friend’s list is ordered.

If someone is searching for your Facebook Profile a lot then they will be at the top of your friend’s list.

6. Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends are also an important factor that Facebook considers when ordering your friends’ list.

If you and the other person have a mutual friend that you interact with a lot then you both will stay at the top of their friends’ list for a long time.

7. Recent Friends

It is seen that almost one-third of the 9 friends that you see at the top of your Profile are the friends that you recently added.

For example, you might have sent a friend request and they accepted it or you accepted their friend request recently then they will appear at the top of your list of friends for some time.

8. Active Users

Facebook’s algorithm also values active users a lot so you might notice that some of the friends from the Top 9 Friends on your Profile are quite active on the platform.

Even if they don’t interact with you a lot, they do comment, like, and post a lot on the platform which is why Facebook has rewarded them with one of the top positions on your friends’ list.

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Is the algorithm for your Friends’ List and Suggested Friends the same on Facebook?

You must have seen that there is a section called “Suggested Friends” where Facebook gives you a list of friends that you might be interested to send a friend request.

Many people wonder if the algorithm to determine your Facebook Friends’ List Order and the Suggested Friends recommendation is the same.

We can tell you that the algorithm is not the same because there are different factors that come into play when giving you a Suggested Friends recommendation.

Earlier, Facebook used to give you Suggested Friends Recommendation based on Mutual Friends.

This meant that if you have a mutual friend and they added someone then you would also get recommended to add that person to your list.

Nowadays, Facebook gives you Suggested Friends recommendations based on your Location, Profile Views, and of course your Mutual Friends.

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Can you change the Top 9 Friends from your Facebook Profile?

No, it is simply not possible to change the top 9 friends that are displayed on your Facebook Profile.

But that does not mean your Facebook Friends Top 9 List stays the same forever. Because as we mentioned earlier, there are a whole lot of factors that determine the order of this list.

For example, if you add some new friends to your Profile then the list is set to be changed after a few days.

As far as the Facebook Top 9 Friends’ List is concerned, it is controlled by Facebook’s algorithm and you can’t control it.

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In this article, we have explained everything there is to know about How Facebook Orders your Friends’ List and what are the factors affecting this ordering.

Share this article with your Facebook friends and make them aware of How their Facebook friends’ list is set.

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