How to Check Twitch Chat Logs

How to check Twitch Chat Logs

We know that chatting on Twitch is one of the most enjoyable and important features that the platform has ever introduced.

While chatting is great, it sometimes becomes too much to the point that you lose track of it as well.

In this day and age, we need to keep a track of our conversation while watching a live stream so it is important to know how to check twitch chat logs.

Thanks to the platform, it is possible to check twitch chat logs and you can do it in a few ways both as a streamer and as a viewer.

Some of these methods are popular while some of the methods are considered “tricks” in the Twitch community.

Nevertheless, they do help you on how to check Twitch chat logs so we have compiled this article for you.

In this article, you will find how to check Twitch chat logs and also get to know the best ways to do it.

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How to Check Twitch Chat Logs

As you already know, you can either be a Channel Owner or a Viewer on Twitch, and thanks to how the platform is built, you can check Twitch Chat Logs both as a Channel Owner and a Viewer.

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs as a Channel Owner

The best feature to check Twitch Chat Logs as a Channel Owner is to use the tool called Moderation.

It allows both channel owners and viewers that have moderation permissions to click on a viewer’s name, open their user card, and view their entire chat history on their channel.

Actually, this method is super simple and easy and you can quickly see what the user has typed in your chat going back to their first message.

So follow these steps and check twitch chat logs:

  • Open Twitch in a browser that you use like Google Chrome and Log In to your Twitch account using the credentials.
  • Navigate to your channel and Open it. Wait until you are connected to the chat room and it loads fully.

You can now use two different methods to check a particular user’s chat logs as it depends on whether your stream is online or offline.

  • If your Stream is offline, there are unlikely to be any viewers who are currently connected to the stream.
  • In that case, you need to know the username of the account whose twitch chat logs need to be checked.
  • Once you know it, type /user username and press Enter to open that user’s card.
  • If your Stream is online then the process gets very easy.
  • Since users are already connected to your Stream, you just need to stop the chat from scrolling by scrolling up or down once with your mouse wheel.
  • After that, click on the user’s username and it will open up their user card.
  • You will now see a list of options such as banning the user, ability to timeout a user, etc.
  • You should also see a button that says Show Chat History(Messages). Click on it.

Here is a nice tutorial from Streamsentials about this same process but in a video format.

In this way, You can check Twitch Chat Logs as a Channel Owner or a Mod but if you are not a channel owner or a mod then also you can check Twitch chat logs.

Read this guide below to know how to check Twitch chat logs as a Viewer.

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs as a Viewer

While Twitch does not officially let you as a viewer check Twitch chat logs as they believe that this should only be done if you are a Channel Owner or Moderator for privacy and security reasons so as to stop spammers.

But we know that there are many situations when you need to check Twitch Chat Logs as a Viewer and we do understand that.

So in this article, we are going to show you how to check Twitch chat logs as a Viewer with the help of third-party tools.

You need to install a third-party app called Chatty. This app is an open-source tool that will help you check Twitch chat logs as it allows you to have features such as chat logging.

It also offers split chat views and input history too among other features. Obviously, you need to keep in mind that the chats you did before Chatty was installed can not be restored.

However, once you install Chatty on your PC, your Twitch chat logs will be logged and you can check them later.


In this article, we have explained to you how to check Twitch Chat Logs as a Channel Owner but you can check Twitch Chat Logs as a Viewer as well.

While it requires you to install a third-party tool to check Twitch Chat Logs as a Viewer, it is great that you can still do so because most of the platforms don’t allow it.

Feel free to share this article with those who are looking to check Twitch chat logs so they don’t need to scroll endlessly to know what they had last typed in the chatbox.


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