How to Check Voicemail on Vtech Phone in 2022?

If you are also wondering about How to Check Voicemail on Vtech phones in 2022 then you are at the right destination.

In the modern era of smartphones, we do have the ability to send voicemails but the problem is that the batteries of these phones are very limited.

This means that you can’t just get back home and check your voicemails when you have already used your phone in the day and its battery has already died.

However, you can do this on a Vtech phone because of course you can. So you must be wondering about how to check a voicemail on Vtech phone.

In this article, we are going to show you how to check a voicemail on Vtech phone with a short and simple guide.

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How to Check Voicemail on Vtech Phone in 2022?

How to Check Voicemail on Vtech Phones
How to Check Voicemail on Vtech Phones

The process of checking voicemails on Vtech phones is quite simple and this is also the reason why people love to send and receive voicemails on their Vtech phones.

You also have the option of going through the entire manual of Vtech phones from this link but why bother when we have already done that for you and listed all the steps in this article.

In order to check voicemails on the Vtech phone, follow these steps:

  • First of all, access the dial pad of your phone and click the *99 or *98 or self contact number.
  • Once you enter the voicemail directory, you will be asked to enter the password that you had set when setting up voicemail on the device.
  • Only after entering your voicemail password will you be able to check the voicemail directory so this is a must.
  • If you have not set a directory password then the default password will be 0000.
  • Once you have entered the voicemail directory, just follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to hear all the voicemails that people have left for you.

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How to Set up Voicemail on Vtech Phone in 2022?

We have mentioned above in this article that you must have received a Vtech phone which has its voicemail already set up.

However, if you face a situation where your voicemail is not set up then we have mentioned all the instructions on how to set up voicemail on a Vtech phone.

Here’s how you can set up voicemail on your Vtech phone:

  • Go to your phone’s dialer and dial your contact number and end it with *(star) in the dialer.
  • Next, you will hear a voice prompt that will ask you to enter a new passcode that will be used when you want to get access to your voicemail directory as mentioned earlier.

Note that you can set a password with a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10 numbers and it should not have any part of your contact number.

  • In the last step, you will receive another signal. After this signal, you have to start recording your voicemail.
  • There are four options: automated greeting, voice sign, a temporary message, or unique personal message.
  • The best way to send a voicemail is to send a unique personal message to get a similar response as well.

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In this article, we have mentioned how to check voicemail on Vtech phones in 2022. 

However, we do understand that not everyone has their voicemail set up by default so we have added the tutorial on how to set up voicemail on Vtech phones as a bonus in the article as well.

We hope that the article was clear and you have all the information you need after going through this article and have set up your voicemail.

Vtech phones are also a great option as a home phone because, in that way, you don’t miss any phone calls or messages as you can always check your voicemails.

Make sure to share this article with other Vtech phone users you know who want to know how to check voicemail on Vtech phones or want to get the idea of how to set up voicemail on Vtech devices.

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