How to clear clipboard on Android

How to clear clipboard on Android

Clipboard lets you copy and cut texts on your phone. The text that you copy or is cut will remain in the clipboard.

It is an essential feature to allow cutting or copying texts on your phone. However, as an Android user, you can easily clear Clipboard on an Android phone.

Copy Any Other Text

The simplest way to clear the last text you copied or cut is to copy any other text. Copying or cutting texts will clear the last text you copied on your phone. This way you can clear your phone.

Visit The Clipboard And Clear Manually

When you are using Gboard which is a keyboard by Google, you can visit the clipboard of your Android phone, and clear the text that you have copied or cut manually. To do this, follow the steps given below-

  • Open an app where you can write texts. For instance, visit the messaging app on your phone, and click on the text field.
  • This will open the keyboard. Now click on the ellipses sign or the three dots that you see on the keyboard. Then click on the clipboard option.
  • You will find the text that you copied or the frequent phrases that you use in the clipboard.
  • Select the text that you want to clear, and then click on the delete icon. This will clear your clipboard on the Android phone.

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Final Words

This is how you can clear your clipboard on the Android phone. Hope you don’t find the process too difficult.


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