How to connect a wireless mouse to Chromebook?

We know that using the touchpad or a touchscreen of the Chromebook is convenient because laptops are used for working remotely.

However, we also know people who like to have a desk set up for their laptops as well and for that, you need a mouse and a keyboard.

While most people use the in-built Chromebook keyboard because of how good it is, they like to use an external mouse with their Chromebook.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to connect a wireless mouse to Chromebook which will be helpful for you if you need to do the same.

How to Connect a Wireless Mouse to Chromebook?

For connecting your wireless mouse to a Chromebook, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • You have to turn ON the wireless mouse by switching its power switch to the on position. After this, the sensor of your wireless mouse will be activated.
  • After that, place the mouse on a flat surface with a mouse pad.
  • Head over to the lower right corner of your Chromebook near the date & time and select the Bluetooth icon.
  • Chromebook will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. Select the Bluetooth mouse you see from this list and pair it to the device.
  • Once the mouse is connected, you will be able to use it on your Chromebook wirelessly.

If you have a wireless radio frequency mouse meaning that you have a dongle that needs to be attached to the USB port on your Chromebook then here are the steps to connect it to your Chromebook:

  • Plug the receiver of your mouse into the USB port of your Chromebook.
  • Make sure to switch on the mouse to use it.
  • Once the receiver is plugged in, the mouse will start working.
  • If the mouse is not working, make sure to check the batteries and replace them if needed.

What mouse is compatible with Chromebook?

Chromebooks are different from Windows and macOS devices in the sense that they have a different operating system.

So it is an obvious question from Chromebook users who have asked about which mouse is compatible with Chromebook.

According to my choice, the best mouse for Chromebook is the MX Master 3 which you can buy from Amazon and is manufactured by Logitech.

It comes with an RF sensor aka a dongle that needs to be attached to the USB port of your Chromebook.

We feel that Wireless Bluetooth mice are a little buggy and slow compared to wireless RF mice but if you need a Wireless Bluetooth Mouse then we can recommend you the best out of the lot as well.

Once again, Logitech’s M535 is the best Wireless Bluetooth Mice and also comes under a budget which becomes the perfect choice for everyone.


In this article, we have mentioned how to connect a wireless mouse to a Chromebook in which we have told you about both Wireless Bluetooth Mice and Wireless RF sensor mice as well.

We have also recommended the best wireless mice in both categories and these are the ones we personally use and recommend to everyone.

With the hope that you liked the article and found it useful, we thank you for reading this article and also request you to share this article to friends and family who might need help in this area.

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