How To Destroy A Discord Server?

Destroying a Discord server completely deletes it and removes all the participants as well as all the chats and announcements are done.

Many people prefer to destroy a Discord server if it does not stand up to what it was created to do. Many people may also delete or destroy a Discord server, if fewer people are added to it, or if it is dead for a very long time.

Everybody has their own reason as to why they may destroy a Discord server. Destroying a Discord server is easy, and if you are looking forward to doing it, then this article will help you with that.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can destroy a Discord server.

What Is A Discord Server?

What is a Discord Server
What is a Discord Server

Any channel created by any user to connect is called a server on Discord. A user can create multiple servers that represent different groups.

In order to connect, a user simply has to share his server link or connect to someone else’s. Each server of a single user on Discord has its unique name, its own members, purpose, and rules.

Many servers are for personal chat only. Few servers are for gamers, and streamers, and likewise many others. 

Anybody with the server link can join the respective server. Members on a particular server can choose to mute a particular member for themselves or mute their voice.

But all the important commands are in the hand of the server admin. A server admin is basically a member or a user who created the server in the first place.

How To Delete A Discord Server?

How to Delete a Discord Server
How to Delete a Discord Server

When you are using discord on your PC, deleting a server is as easy as it is to create a discord server. You only have to follow a few steps in order to delete a discord server.

But this is in the case of server admin only. When you are an admin of any discord server, then you have the right to delete the server whenever you want.

  • Open the Discord application on your device whether it is Windows or Mac. 
  • Open the menu to all the servers and find the server you want to delete.
  • Click on the server’s name that can be found on the top-left side of the screen.
  • Choose the Server Setting from the drop the down menu that will open.
  • There you can find the option of Delete Server that is present in the left sidebar.
  • A pop-up will appear asking to enter a server name
  • Type server name and click on delete option.
  • This will delete the server you want. 

How To Destroy A Discord Server (using a bot)

How to Destroy a Discord Server
How to Destroy a Discord Server

Destroying a Discord server is also called nuking the Discord server. When you are nuking a server, it means the admin has given you the right to block all the members and delete channels available on that server.

Now, when you are not the admin of the server then you have to go through another lane to destroy a server. This task is done with the help of a bot. You can use a bot to destroy a server to which you don’t have admin rights.

You can use different bots like Xenon bot, Nukebot to nuke a server on discord. Nukebot is a free discord bot that can be used to nuke or destroy a discord server.

Here, we will be using an advanced discord bot known as Xenon bot to destroy a server on discord without any admin permissions.

The formal task of the Xenon bot is to create and load backup for your discord server. Nuking servers without the admin’s permission is not a legit way as well as harmful.

  • The first task is to invite the Xenon bot to your discord server.
  • You can do so by directly clicking on the link
  • Create a new channel with no data.
  • Then, backup all the data of that server using the command /backupcreate.
  • This will also create a backup id of the server that you have just created.
  • Once the backup is created you can load the backup to nuke it. 
  • Next, type the command /backupload (backup-id of the server), this will load the backup of the server you have given a backup id of.
  • Down the loaded backup, you will find two options.
  • One is Confirm and the other is Cancel.
  • Type /confirm to confirm the loading of backup. 

This command will replace all your previous channels and their data with the backup and hence, destroy the channels present there. Hence, the server will be nuked. 

Another simple hack to destroy a channel is by asking its admin to do so. You can offer a deal to the admin to take down its server. 

Final Words

You can destroy a discord server in three legit ways. One, if you are an admin yourself, so deleting a server comes under admin rights.

Two, by asking the admin to delete the server and offer him a deal so that he confirms. And the last way is by nuking the server.

You can do so by using bots. One last method is by hacking into the server to gain the admin’s right to destroy the respective server. 

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