How to detect keylogger on Android

Keyloggers are software that tracks activity done on Android devices. It can track and monitor activity on the device like texts, call logs, history, and all other things that you do on your phone.

Well, the things here can get scary if a hacker is trying to steal that information. Of course, that is a breach of your privacy.

In this article, we will be discussing few signs that there is a keylogger on Android, and also how to detect if there’s a keylogger on your Android phone.

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Signs That There Is A Keylogger On Your Phone

How to detect Keylogger on Android
How to detect Keylogger on Android

Few signs that can show that there is a keylogger on your phone.

Here are those signs:

  • A keylogger on your phone can cause the battery to drain quickly. If your battery starts draining quickly even when you spend less time on your phone, it may be a sign of a keylogger installed on your phone.
  • Your phone gets hot quite often. When your phone utilizes too much of your CPU, it can get too hot. Even if no apps are running in the background, and your phone gets warm, it may again be a sign of a keylogger installed on your phone.
  • You receive a strange text message. Keyloggers are installed via links on text messages. If you ever get such text, delete them immediately.
  • Your phone gets restarted quite often. If a keylogger is installed on your phone, then your phone will get turned off and turned on frequently.
  • The last sign which might tell whether there is a keylogger on your phone is slow performance. When RAM and the CPU of your phone are not utilized, and you still get slower performance, then this may be because of a keylogger installed on your phone.
  • Check the downloads of your phone. The keylogger has random numbers and text in their name and ends with an extension with .apk at the end. If you see something like this then this may also be a sign of a keylogger being installed on your phone.

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What To Do If You Detect Keylogger On Your Phone?

You can probably use an antivirus program such as Quickheal for Android. An antivirus program can detect keylogger, and it will also remove any keylogger program that it detects.

Moreover, keep checking your phone regularly for such threats.

If you detect a keylogger on your phone, then you should reset your phone.

The antivirus program may or may not remove the keylogger, but resetting your phone is the only sure-shot way to remove the keylogger from your phone.

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Hope this article helped you understand what keyloggers are, how to detect them, and also how to remove them.

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