How to empty trash on Android phones

How to empty trash on Android

Is there trash on Android Phones, if yes then how to clear it?

Well, Android Phones do have trash files that are stored in the trash folder or what you can call Recycle Bin.

Trash folders store all the junk files like deleted photos, videos, and app data.

However, it does occupy storage on your phone and can make your phone slow sometimes.

Users can easily empty the trash folder on Android Phones, and in this article, we will be discussing how. 

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Deleting Trash From Gallery

You can delete the trash files from the Gallery app on your phone. However, you will be able to delete only photos and videos permanently.

However, if you don’t clear the trash folder from the gallery, then it will automatically get deleted within 30 days of deleting it from the gallery

  • Open the gallery app on your Android phone, and then head to the album section to view all the albums on your gallery. 
  • Scroll down to find the trash bin folder on the gallery app. Click on it, and select the files you want to permanently delete. 
  • If you want to delete all, then you can select all, and click delete. Make sure, once you delete the files from this folder, you won’t be able to restore them. 

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Using The Trash Cleaner

Nowadays phones with custom ROMs like MIUI, ColorOS, and others come with a security app and trash cleaner, using which you can clear junk files. 

  • Open the trash cleaner app or the security app on your phone. 
  • You will see an option to free up space. Click on it, and it will delete temporary files and cache. Once done, you will also see an option to delete bigger files. 
  • Click on it, and you will be able to delete bigger files like apps that you haven’t used for a long time, duplicate and blurry photos, and videos. 

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Clearing Trash On Google Photos

Google Photos also do have a trash folder that stores photos and videos that you have deleted.

However, to permanently remove those files, you will have to clear the trash folder. 

  • Launch the Google Photos app, and click on the menu icon. 
  • You will see a list of options open up, click on the trash option. 
  • You will be able to see all the deleted photos and videos on Google Photos. 
  • From here, you can select the photos that you want to delete permanently, and delete them. 

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Using Recycle Bin App

The next option is to use Recycle bin app to delete the trash files.

You can download recycle bin app from the Google Play Store, and you will be able to access the trash folder of your Android phone from here. 

After installing the recycle bin app, you will be able to access the files that you have deleted from your phone storage or the SD card.

Select all the files that you want to delete permanently and remove them. 


These were some ways to remove trash files and empty trash folders on your Android phone.

Trash folders on your Android phone do occupy some space, however, the space consumed will not be equal to the actual file size before deleting it.

You will have to occasionally clear it to clear your storage. However, some phones do clear the trash folder within 30 days of deleting the file.

If you want to manually clear trash then you can go for the above methods. Also note that, if you use a cloud storage system like Google Drive, Dropbox then you can clear their trash as well.

Also, you should frequently clear your Gmail to free up space. 


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