[Detailed Guide] How to Find a Lost Nintendo Switch

It is worth noting that the Nintendo Switch is getting a lot of traction nowadays which means that people are using it a lot.

So it is possible that you may lose your Nintendo Switch somewhere and want to know how to find a lost Nintendo Switch in your house.

In this article, I am going to show you exactly how you can find your lost Nintendo Switch and also that you don’t lose it ever again.

Nintendo Switch is a portable electronic device and chances are that you take it to most places you go.

Therefore, it is possible that you misplace it somewhere or forget it at any place and it just takes a few minutes to steal Nintendo Switch as it is small and portable.

How to find a lost Nintendo Switch?

Find a Lost Nintendo Switch
How to Find a Lost Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, it is not possible to track a Nintendo Switch just like you do with iOS devices using Apple’s Find My Phone service or Google’s Find My Device website.

But there is still hope for tracking a lost Nintendo Switch with steps you can perform with the help of the police.

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1. Find your lost Nintendo Switch’s serial number

First of all, it is important to have your Nintendo Switch’s serial number handy with you. If you have the console right now then do note down the serial number which will be located at the bottom next to your USB Type-C port.

If you don’t have a console with you as you might have lost it then you can find the serial number on the box that it came with.

Also, if both the box and console are not available then you can go to the store from where you bought it and ask them for the serial number after giving them order information.

It is possible that your serial number is available on the invoice generated while purchasing the Nintendo Switch so do check that once as well.

2. Contact Nintendo after finding the serial number of the Nintendo Switch

Once you have found out the serial number of your Nintendo Switch through whatever method, you need to contact Nintendo Support as soon as possible.

Give them your serial number and other information they might ask for and tell them that your Nintendo Switch is lost or stolen.

They will track the serial number to find out when your Nintendo Switch was last connected to the internet and also track its location.

They will also be able to find out the IP address of your Nintendo Switch and it should tell you about the area where your Nintendo Switch is right now.

Collect all this information and go to your nearest police station and file a complaint that your Nintendo Switch is stolen and give them all the information that you received from the Nintendo Support team.

3. Deactivate your stolen Nintendo Switch

It is possible to deactivate the stolen Nintendo Switch so that the thief can not use it anymore as well.

In order to proceed further, you need to have a Nintendo account which you can create in a few minutes as well.

After that, follow these steps to deactivate your stolen Nintendo Switch:

  • Go to accounts.nintendo.com and Open the Shop menu.
  • Click on Deregister Primary Console.
  • Enter your Password and click OK to proceed further.
  • Next, confirm the deactivation by clicking on Deregister.

The limitation with deactivating your Nintendo Switch is that it can only be done once every year so if you have already deactivated a Nintendo Switch this year then you can’t do it again.

4. Unlink your Credit Card from Nintendo Switch

If you have previously linked your Credit Card to the Nintendo Switch for the convenience of buying games and other things in one click, you will need to unlink your card as well.

Since the Nintendo Switch is stolen, the thief can misuse your credit card to purchase games worth a lot of money and your credit card might get charged for the same.

  • Go to Accounts.Nintendo.com and log in to your account.
  • Next, click on the Shop menu and find your linked credit card.
  • Once you find your credit card information, verify it and then delete it from your account.

5. Verify that your Nintendo Switch is not a stolen product.

If you have just bought a new Nintendo Switch or a used one, you can verify it is a stolen product or not.

It is possible that you bought the console from somewhere and want to identify it is a genuine purchase or not.

So you need to note the serial number of your Nintendo Switch and contact Nintendo Support and ask them if it is listed under the stolen Nintendo Switch category or not.

If they give an all-clear signal that means that the Nintendo Switch is genuine otherwise they will tell you if they find any problems.

Also, you can verify that the Nintendo Switch has the same serial number on its box as it is printed on the back of the console.

This will also give you a great idea of whether or not the Nintendo Switch was previously used or not and if the box has been changed or not.

It is also possible that you switch on the Nintendo Switch and already find a few games installed on it along with progress which tells you that someone has played the game previously on it.

This is also a sure signal that the Nintendo Switch is recycled or stolen and resold illegally.

6. What should be done if I lose a Switch Game?

If you have lost the Nintendo Switch and you were playing a game on it then the progress of that game will be stored inside the cartridge of your Nintendo Switch.

Since your Nintendo Switch is stolen, the cartridge will also be gone which means that your game progress will be lost along with it.

What you can do is replace the game cartridge with a new one to start playing the game once again.

If you are not subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, all your game progress will be stored locally and not backed up on the cloud so it will be lost.

If you have Nintendo Switch Online subscription then your game progress will be saved on the cloud and you can continue the game even on a new Nintendo Switch from where you last played the game.


It is very important to know how to find a lost Nintendo Switch because it is quite possible to misplace it because of its slim and portable nature.

However, if you think that your Nintendo Switch is stolen then take action as we have mentioned in this article and let the police track your Nintendo Switch for you.

Make sure to register your Nintendo Switch’s serial number with your account via Nintendo Support as soon as you buy it so that Nintendo knows who is using the console.

It will come in handy when you lose it and want to know all the information about your lost console.

Do let us know if you managed to find your lost Nintendo Switch after it was stolen from a coffee shop or some other place and what were the exact steps you took to find it.

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