How to fix ADB not recognized error

Using ADB one can successfully have a connection between the Android device and the PC.

It is an important command-line tool using which one can easily customize their tools.

Customizations like unlocking the bootloader, installing custom ROM, installing custom Recovery, and such are made possible because of the ADB.

However, many times you can face the ‘ADB not recognized’ error.

The full error message may state- ‘ADB is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file’.

The error mostly occurs when the Windows PowerShell or the Command Prompt cannot identify the ADB command.

The Command Prompt or PowerShell cannot identify the ADB command, because the environmental (System) Variable that is related to the Android SDK is missing.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can fix the ‘ADB not recognized’ error.

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How to fix The ‘ADB Not Recognized’ Error

adb not recognized error
adb not recognized error

Let’s see how you can fix the ‘ADB not recognized’ error on your device. Before you continue, ensure you are using the latest version of the Android SDK and Platform tools.

  • Make sure that the USB debugging is enabled on the phone before you continue ahead.
  • To enable the USB debugging, follow the steps given below:
  • Go to the settings of your phone, and then visit the ‘about phone’
  • In the about phone section, tap on the ‘build number’ a few times until you see a notification ‘You are now a developer’ at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now head back to the main menu of Settings, and then search for ‘developer options’.
  • Search for the ‘USB debugging’ toggle in the developer options and enable it. This will enable USB debugging on your device.
  • On your computer, click on the start icon, and then search for Advanced System Settings.
  • In the Advanced System Settings, click on the ‘environmental variables.’ 
  • You will find two sections under environmental variables-User Variables and System Variables. Click on the system variables.
  • In the system variables, double click on the Path
  • You will now see the Edit environment variable. Click on the Browse 
  • After you click on the browse option, you will have to navigate to the location of the ADB and fastboot binaries.
  • Now select the platform-tools folder and click on OK.
  • The variable that you have selected will be added to the environmental variables. Click on OK and this will close the dialog box.
  • Once done, you will be able to see the path of the variable that you have added in the system variables under the environment variable option.
  • Now you can close the dialog box by clicking on OK.

This is how you can solve the ADB not recognized error.

In this method, we have added the path of the missing system variable, due to which the error occurred in the very first place.

Following the above method will fix the issue, but make sure you do not miss any steps.

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Checking Whether The Problem Is Solved Or Not

Now that we have solved the above problem, let’s check whether the error persists or not. You can check this using two methods:

The very first method to check whether the problem persists involve using the command prompt, whereas in the second method you will have to use PowerShell Window.

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Checking Using Command Prompt

  • You can check whether the issue is solved or not using the command prompt.
  • Head to the platform-tools folder on your PC, and then on the address bar search for cmd. 
  • Open it, and this will open the Command Prompt window.
  • Now in the command prompt window, type adb. 
  • If you get a list of ADB commands in the command prompt window, then that means that the issue has been fixed
  • You will no longer encounter the ‘ADB not recognized’ error.

Using PowerShell Window

  • Head to the platform-tools folder on your computer, and then right-click on the empty area while you press the Shift key.
  • Then click on the Open PowerShell Window here.
  • This will open the PowerShell window.
  • In the Powershell window type the command adb.
  • If you see ADB commands appear after you type the command adb, then this means that the issue has been solved.

Final Words

That’s how you can solve the ‘ADB not recognized’ error. Hope this article, helped solve the error. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully and do not miss any step in the process.

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