How to Fix “Error Placing Order” issue when purchasing Minecraft

If you are looking to purchase Minecraft then you can directly buy it from Mojang. However, it is possible that you get an error during this process.

We have seen that users received a pop-up message saying “Error Placing Order” while there were during the checkout process of Minecraft on its site.

Users said that they got this error multiple times and even after verifying their card details, they got this same error from

So in this article, we are going to tell you about the possible reasons why this error occurs and how you can fix this error.

Why does “Error Placing Order” appear when purchasing Minecraft

There are several reasons why a pop-up saying “Error Placing Order” would appear on your screen when you are purchasing Minecraft.

Here are the possible reasons why this happens:

#1. Outdated Chrome browser

If you are using an outdated version of the Chrome browser then it is possible that the Minecraft website gives you an error.

If you are facing an error due to this reason then your issue can be solved by simply updating the Chrome browser.

#2. International transactions blocked by your bank

If you are trying to purchase Minecraft from anywhere around the world, chances are that international transactions are blocked by your bank.

Because Minecraft’s developers are based out of Sweden so your bank would think of this as an unauthorized transaction and block it.

#3. Mojang account is suspended

If your Mojang account is under investigation as they suspected illegal activity on your account then your transaction can be blocked and you could see this error.

#4. Bank refuses transaction to the payment processor

We have noted that some banks simply refuse transactions with the payment processor that is being used on the Minecraft website which is also the reason why you get this error placing order issue.

How to Fix “Error Placing Order” when purchasing Minecraft

As we mentioned earlier, this “error placing order” pop-up could appear while purchasing Minecraft due to various reasons that we have listed above.

Now, let’s understand how to fix “error placing order” when purchasing the Minecraft issue and solve this problem once and for all.

Method 1: Update your browser (if needed)

Update your browser
Update your browser

It is quite possible that the Minecraft website is giving you an error while purchasing the game because you are using an old and outdated browser.

Due to that reason, the transaction is not going through as the security is compromised so you need to update your browser first in order to let the purchase go through.

However, if you have a browser that is already updated then you can skip this step entirely.

If you have checked your browser and an update is pending then you need to update it first and then try again in purchasing Minecraft.

To update your browser, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dot menu button.
  • From here, click on Help and then click on About Google Chrome.
  • If a new version is available as will be shown on the next screen, you need to click on Update after the check has been finished.
  • After that, close the browser and restart your PC and then restart your browser to apply all the changes.

Now, you can retry purchasing Minecraft and hopefully, the error will not reappear. If the problem is not solved then check below for other methods to solve this issue.

Method 2: Contact your bank and unblock International transactions

If you are facing the “Error Placing Order” while purchasing Minecraft error, not because of an outdated browser then it is possible that your bank is blocking your international transaction.

Make sure that you check your bank account to see what is causing your transaction to fail and if the reason is blocked by the bank or similar then you should contact your bank.

You need to tell them that this is an authorized purchase done by you and that they should authorize this purchase at their end as well.

After this, you can retry purchasing Minecraft, and then your transaction should hopefully go through as expected.

Method 3: Purchase Minecraft through Windows Store

If you are using Windows 10 and want to play the game on your PC then you can opt-out of buying the game from Minecraft’s website and instead buy it from Windows Store.

Some users have confirmed to us that when you buy Minecraft from Windows Store, the transaction goes through a different payment processor.

If you are on Windows 10, you can follow these steps to purchase Minecraft directly from Windows Store:

  1. Press Win + R and a run dialog box will open. Type ms-windows-store inside the box and press OK to open the Microsoft Store homepage.
Run dialog box
Run dialog box
  1. On the home screen of Microsoft Store, you search feature to search for Minecraft.
  2. Click on the desired version of Minecraft that you want to purchase and click the Buy button to complete the transaction.
  3. After that, download the game to your PC and start playing Minecraft.

This will make sure that you don’t get any errors while purchasing Minecraft which you were getting while buying from the Minecraft website.

Method 4: Buying Minecraft as Redeem Code

In order to avoid getting the “Error Placing Order” issue while purchasing Minecraft, you can buy Minecraft as Redeem code from Mojang’s official website and then use it to redeem your game.

In this way, you will not have to buy from the Minecraft website’s Sweden-based payment processor and so you will not get any errors.

  1. Go to Mojang’s Login page and click on Buy Digital Gift Code.
  2. Sign In with a valid account and if you don’t have an account already, create one.
  3. You will be redirected to Amazon where you will have to purchase a digital disk key of Minecraft and this key will be delivered to you via email.
  4. You can then redeem this key for yourself on Mojang’s website and get access to the game.


In this article, we showed you all the possible methods with which you can avoid getting the Error Placing Order issue on Minecraft.

If possible, you should also contact Minecraft support to see what troubleshooting steps they suggest for you to perform.

Make sure to try out these methods and let us know which one worked the best for you and others will get benefited from your response.

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