How to fix Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

Hulu is a streaming platform based in the USA. It offers various on-demand content like movies, TV shows, and various others to the people living in the USA.

It probably is one of the biggest streaming services in the USA. Being popular doesn’t mean that Hulu is not prone to error.

Users might encounter errors while they try streaming content on Hulu. One such error code that users may encounter on Hulu is DRMCDM78.

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Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78 is a common error that one can face while they stream content on Hulu.

Though the error is quite easy to fix, its frequent appearance can interrupt your streaming experience on the Hulu app.

If you are facing the Hulu error code DRMCDM78, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how you can fix the Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78. 

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Why One May Encounter Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78?

Well, one may encounter this error due to several reasons. Some of the most common reasons for Hulu error code DRMCDM78 to occur are:

  • Server issues on Hulu. Server-side issues are the most common reason why this error occurs. 
  • You are using an outdated browser to stream content on Hulu. 
  • Slow internet, or unstable network. 
  • Accumulation of corrupt cached data on the system. 

These are some of the most common causes for this error to get encountered. Now that you know the reasons behind this error occurring, let’s discuss how you can fix it. 

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Fix Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

Given below are some of the possible fixes that you can go for, to fix the Hulu error code DRMCDM78 that you face while you stream content on Hulu. 

Check With The Servers Of Hulu

The very first thing that you can do is check with the servers of Hulu. This error mostly occurs when the server of Hulu is down.

Mostly, the server of Hulu can be down for the reason, it may be facing heavy traffic or going through some maintenance. 

You can check whether the server of Hulu is down from the website called Down Detector.

All you have to do is, open the site and search for Hulu. It will tell you if the server of Hulu is down or not. 

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When the server goes down, Hulu keeps its users updated with the news through their social media handles.

They keep posting updates about the server status, and when it will be fixed. If you are facing the issue because of the Hulu server being done, then there’s nothing you can do except for waiting for the server to be up again.

This can generally take some time, and Hulu will update the status of the server on its social media once the server is up again. 

Check Your Internet

The next thing that you can do is check your internet connection, whether you are running on a stable internet or not.

An unstable internet connection can also be a cause of this error, so if you are facing this error, then it may be because your internet speed is slow.

Now what you can do is, try checking the speed of your internet. You can check the speed of the internet with the help of

Run the website on your browser, and then check the speed of your internet. If your speed is good, and you are still facing the error then you can move to the next step. 

However, if the speed of your internet is slow, then you can try contacting the ISP to get the issue fixed.

Contact the ISP can tell them the problem that you are facing with your internet, and they will solve it.

Wait for your internet speed to be stable again and then check whether you can stream content on Hulu or not. 

Update Your Browser

If you are facing this issue while streaming content from Hulu on your browser, then it is recommended to check for the updates of the browser.

An outdated browser can generally cause errors like this. So, if you encountered Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78, then it might be because of the outdated browser.

In this case, you can try updating your browser, and then running Hulu again. 

To update your browser, follow the steps given below. 

  • Click on the Menu icon on your browser, which you will find at the top right corner of your browser screen. This will generally be a hamburger list icon or three ellipses. 
  • Now in the menu click on About Browser. You will generally find this in the main menu, but if there is no such option, then click on the settings. Now in the settings, you will see the About Browser section on the left sidebar. Click on it, and you will know whether your browser is up-to-date or not. 
  • If your browser is outdated, you will be able to check for update and download it from this page. 

If you are not able to update your browser using the above method, then on Google search your browser name.

Now head to the official website of your browser, and download the latest version.

Install it without uninstalling the outdated version, and the browser will get updated without changing any settings. 

Once the browser is updated, run the Hulu website and check if you are still getting the error or not. 

Clear The Cache Of The Browser

If updating your browser didn’t help, then you can try clearing the cache of your browser.

The cache is the temporary data that gets stored on your device’s memory. This keeps on collecting in the storage.

However, these data may hold corrupt files which may no longer be of use to the application.

These corrupt cached files stored on the system can cause such errors. If you are facing Hulu error code DRMCDM78, then you can try clearing the cache of the browser. 

To clear the cache of the browser, follow the steps given below-

  • In your browser, click on the menu icon (hamburger icon or the three ellipses). You will find the menu icon at the top right corner of your browser screen. 
  • Click on it, and then click on the history option. In the history, click on view all history.
  • Here you will find an option called clear browsing data. Click on it. 
  • Now in the clear browsing data window, click on the advanced section/tab.
  • Here you will find the option to clear cached images and files and also the option to clear cookies and other site data. Select both options and do not select any other option if you do not want to clear the browsing history. 
  • Click on clear data and the cache of the browser will be cleared.

This should most probably fix the Hulu error code DRMCDM78. However, if the error is still not fixed, then you can move to the next method. 

Contact The Hulu Support Team

If any of the above methods didn’t fix the error, then your last option will be to contact the Hulu support team.

You can contact the Hulu support team and ask them your query, and they will help you out with any problem that you face.

You can find all the contact options to contact the Hulu support team on this page. Contact them, and they will help you with the error you are facing when streaming content on Hulu. 


We hope that helps solve your problem. Hulu error code DRMCDM78 is a common error that users can generally encounter.

The error is easy to fix, and you can fix the error with the help of the methods mentioned in this article.

If this article did help you with solving the error, do let us know in the comment section. 

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