How to fix vertical lines on Android phone

How to fix vertical lines on Android

I really know how it feels like when you have the black or purple vertical lines in the middle of your Android phone and they are quite annoying, to say the least.

It is because my phone had the same vertical lines issue and this is common on Android phones as I have seen multiple reports regarding the same on other forums as well.

Now, you would say that if the problem is just a line down the middle of your screen you can manage it somehow. But no, I have tried to live with it but the problem is that the tiny vertical line could be an issue that can damage your entire display if not fixed in time.

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Also, it is worth noting that you would have seen this vertical lines issue on older Android phones or Android phones that come at very cheap prices. And there is a proper reason for that being the case.

Well, it has been seen that this vertical lines issue is very common on Android phones with LCD panels which means it can happen on your iPhones that have LCD panels as well.

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But right now, we need to concentrate on how to fix the vertical lines issue on Android phones so we will do that.

So as we mentioned, this issue is common on Android phones with LCD panels and this can either be a hardware issue or a software one as well.

If you are lucky then the vertical lines issue on your phone could be a software issue and if that is the case, it is somewhat easy to have a solution to the problem.

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However, if it is a hardware issue meaning that either your display panel or its belt has a problem then you need to visit the manufacturer’s customer care or go to a phone repair shop to get your display replaced.

There could be a software glitch or some culprit apps that could be adding a vertical line to your display and you just have to find that app out or take action to revert the issue.

But the problem is that you first need to find out if it is a hardware issue or a software glitch.

Well, we have a very simple solution on how to find out if the vertical lines on your Android phone are hardware-related or software-related.

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How to find out the reason behind vertical lines on Android?

  • The way to find out if the vertical lines on your Android phone are caused by a software glitch or hardware issue is very simple.
  • You just need to pick up your Android phone, take a screenshot of it by pressing the combination of power button + volume down button at the same time.
  • After that, what you need to do is check if the same vertical lines are visible in your screenshot as well.
  • If that is the case, you can confirm that this is a software glitch and we have mentioned the ways to fix vertical lines on Android caused by a software issue.
  • If there are no vertical lines inside the screenshot, it is confirmed that the issue is caused by hardware damage and we have mentioned how to fix that as well.
  • Now, in order to confirm that your screenshot has vertical lines or not, you need to transfer your screenshot on a different device which can be done by sending the photo to your friend’s phone.
  • Once you have confirmed if the issue is caused by a software glitch or hardware damage, you can read about how to fix this issue by reading this article further.

How to fix vertical lines on Android?

Vertical Lines on Android phone
Credits: Reddit

As we mentioned earlier, you have to confirm whether the vertical lines on your phone are caused by a software glitch or hardware damage.

We assume that you have confirmed the same.

So if it is caused by a software glitch meaning that the screenshot has vertical lines as well, you can fix the issue by doing the steps mentioned below.

  • Restart your Phone

Fix vertical lines on Android
Fix vertical lines on Android

Yes, we know that this can sound like a fix that everyone knows but believe me, most of you would not have tried restarting your phone.

Most of the software bugs are caused by some weird settings that can be done on the phone by mistake.

So in order to reset those settings, you need to restart the phone so all settings go back to normal.

However, there is a chance that the issue might not be fixed by restarting the phone. If that’s the case, read along.

  • Cycle the battery

By cycling the battery, you might have a simple solution to this problem. Basically what you have to do is fully charge your phone to 100%, let it drain to 0% battery and then again charge it to 100% and see if the vertical lines are fixed or not.

Most of the time, one or two cycles of a battery can cause the problem to go away so we believe that this is a solution you can try.

But if your issue is still not fixed, please read on the other ways to fix this bug.

  • Use your phone in Safe Mode

In order to fix this issue, the penultimate option is to restart your device in safe mode and see if the software bug is gone or not.

The reason why safe mode solves almost all problems is that it disables all the settings that might have been changed on the phone and literally goes into “safe mode”

To enter safe mode, you need to press and hold the Power button like you would for restarting the phone.

Now, tap and hold the Power Off or Restart button for a few seconds and select the “Reboot to Safe Mode” whenever it pops up.

Once your phone is rebooted into safe mode, see if the problem is gone and if not, move to the last and final way to solve this problem.

  • Factory Reset your phone

The last thing you can do if everything else mentioned above has failed is to factory reset your phone and this will most probably solve all your problems.

Because the fact is that factory resetting your phone will remove all the junk apps, malware, and everything else from your device which is causing this problem in the first place.

Note that before factory resetting the phone, take a complete backup of your device’s data
This will ensure you that no data gets lost during this process

So how to factory reset your phone, here are the steps:

  • Open Settings and go to System and click on Backup and Reset.
  • Here, click on the Factory Reset option and tap on Reset Device.
  • If asked, you need to enter the Lock Screen PIN of your device for security purposes.
  • Once entered, you will be asked to confirm that all data will be erased by tapping on Erase Everything option.
  • On confirming it, your device will be factory reset and will reboot once the process gets finished.

We have mentioned all the possible ways you can fix vertical lines on an Android phone if it is a software glitch

However, we did mention that this might be a hardware problem as well.

So in order to fix the problem caused by hardware issues, you only have one option.

Phone Repair
Phone Repair

Visit the nearest phone repair or send your device for RMA if it is covered under warranty.

Well, that is as straightforward as it gets. In order to fix vertical lines on an Android phone, you have plenty of options if it is a software issue and only one if it is hardware damage.

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