How to perform Inspect Element on Android

It is important to note that there are millions of websites currently live on the world wide web and it is also true that there are hundreds of thousands of web developers around the world creating such sites on a daily basis.

Now, there is one element or a tool that comes very handy for developers if they want to test something on a live website without interfering with the code of that site.

What this means is that the developers can have a preview of what the changes might look like without actually making the changes.

The tool we are talking about is called the “Inspect Element” tool that is available on most web-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

However, the problem with Inspect Element tool is that it is very easily available on web browsers on your PC or Laptop but it is almost impossible to “Inspect Element” on your Android devices.

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Why do you need the “Inspect Element” tool on Android?

Well, this is a very valid question and many people have been wondering why do you need the “Inspect Element” tool on your Android device when it is very easily available on your PC or Laptop.

They say that when you can just open your PC or Laptop and Inspect Element, why would you want to do that on your phone.

The answer to that is people need Inspect Element tool on their Android devices only when they are on the go and they don’t have any PC or Laptop lying around and they urgently want to test a particular code.

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It is also important to check your website using the “Inspect Element” tool on your Android phones because the layout of a website differs from screen to screen which means you need to check how the page looks before making it live across all devices.

However, we must tell you that fully using the “Inspect Element” tool on your Android devices is not possible at the moment.

Why is the “Inspect Element” tool not available on Android phones?

While we are not aware of the “official” reason why the ‘Inspect Element’ tool is not available on Android devices, we do have a logical reason for that.

You see, the “Inspect Element” tool on PCs and Laptops performs in such a way that the window gets split into two sides.

On the one side, you see the webpage that you are inspecting and on the other side, you see all the code that the webpage is built upon.

Now, to do the same thing on Android devices is not possible at all because the screen size is just too small.

While PCs and Laptops can have anywhere between 13″ to 34″ inches of screen size, you are just limited to a maximum of 7″ inches of screen real estate which is vertical as well.

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However, all the hope is not lost if you really want to view the source code of any webpage on your Android devices because we do have a solution for that.

How to perform “Inspect Element” on Android?

Inspect Element for Android on PC
Inspect Element for Android on PC
  • While it is technically not possible to “Inspect Element” on Android as you do on PCs and Laptops, it is possible to view, copy, and even edit the source code of that particular webpage even on Android devices.
  • For that, you have to simply perform a few modifications in the address bar of your Android browser.
  • Note that this works on almost any Android browser you use such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave browser or any other as well.
  • For this, you don’t need to install any third-party app or tool as well which makes it an even better solution.
  • Lets assume that you are visiting a website and want to view the source code of that site on your Android devices.
  • We are taking the example of our own website, TheAndroidLab, in this tutorial.
  • So you will write the URL of our website as below
  • In order to view the source code of our website, you will need to add the prefix “view-source” in the URL bar
  •  That’s it. Once you add this prefix, the full source code of our website (according to this tutorial) will be visible to you on your Android device.
  • From here, you can copy the entire code and paste it inside a text editor to modify the code and place it somewhere else.

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