How to make the keyboard light up on a Chromebook?

We have heard many Chromebook owners have a common question regarding how to make their keyboards light up.

Basically, it is a feature called backlit keyboards and we have seen Chromebooks with backlit keyboards have that functionality.

If your Chromebook does not have a backlit keyboard then there is nothing you can do about it other than buying a new one.

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How to turn on the keyboard lights of your Chromebook

Nowadays, we have seen that most Chromebooks come with backlit keyboards as it has become an essential part due to working at night time.

In this article, we will show you how to turn on the keyboard lights on your Chromebook easily.

These are the exact steps I took in order to turn on the lights of my keyboard on Chromebook so you can follow them too:

  • Make sure that your Chromebook supports the backlit features. If it doesn’t then there is no point in following this guide any further.
  • If you are not sure if it has a backlit keyboard or not, press Ctrl + Alt + I and you will see a menu open up with lighting effects and the option to change them.
  • Click on the lighting effects you want to choose from between options such as “Off“, “Steady On“, and others.
  • Now, this will light up your Chromebook’s keyboard only till the time you restart it. After a restart, the keyboard will not light up on its own.
  • So for that, we will have to activate the lighting effect to turn on automatically when the Chromebook boots up.
  • For that, we have to go to Settings > Keyboard > Turn On for all the keyboards that we have on the Chromebook.
  • You can now enjoy your Chromebook’s keyboard light up at night time for you to enjoy web browsing, writing novels, or something else.

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How to turn on the backlit keyboard on HP Chromebook?

I have an HP Chromebook which supports a backlit keyboard but the problem was that I was not able to make its keyboard light up.

So I know the pain point of HP Chromebook users and I will share the steps I took to enable my Chromebook’s backlit keyboard down below:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click the task manager to open it and see all the processes that are running.
  • If you see that Chromium.exe is taking more than 90% CPU then it means that it is taking too much processor power and you need to either end the task or reset the Chromebook.
  • Also, make sure to remove unnecessary programs and repeat the process mentioned above to light up your keyboard.

It is possible that you have to do a full factory reset on your Chromebook in order to turn on the keyboard lights on your Chromebook.

HP Chromebooks have a sensor that detects if the light in the environment goes below a certain threshold and it lights up the keyboard if it is dark enough.

In order to save energy, it will not light up the keyboard during daytime or in direct sunlight.

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How to Turn On keyboard lights on Asus Chromebook?

Asus Chromebooks have a great feature where you can enable the backlit keyboards on these laptops very easily.

All you have to do is press and hold the Up and Down arrow keys on the keyboard in order to turn on the backlit keyboard.

You can also turn it on by opening Google Chrome and going to Chrome://flags/#enable-overlay-scrollbars.

Click on Enable and it will save your preferences.

Go to chrome://settings/search#q=backlit+keyboard and the option to enable the backlit keyboard will be seen. Enable the backlit keyboard and your keyboard will light up.

How to turn on the backlit keyboard on Acer Chromebook?

In order to turn on the backlit keyboard on Acer Chromebook, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Settings by clicking on the Status bar where date and time are seen.
  • Select Brightness & Lock and go to Keyboard backlight travel.
  • Adjust the slider bar for desired brightness level for your keyboard lighting effect and it also depends on your screen brightness.
  • Click on the Screen Lock button to set the slider.

This is everything you need to do in order to turn on the backlit keyboard of your Acer Chromebook.


In this article, I have told you how to turn on the backlit keyboard on your Chromebook by giving you the step-by-step process to enable a backlit keyboard on my Chromebook.

Not only that, I have also shared the methods to enable backlit keyboard on some of the most popular brands such as HP Chromebook, Asus Chromebook and Acer Chromebook which you can also follow.

We hope that you found this article helpful and if you did, feel free to share this with your friends who are also looking to light up their Chromebook’s keyboards.

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