How to ping a Cell Phone Location for free

If you want to know how to ping a cell phone location for free then this guide is exactly what you want to read right now.

You might have already heard of the word “ping” in many places such as the internet, cell phone location, and more but do you know what it means?

Well, ping or the act of pinging basically means that you are sending a package to someone and then receiving a packet from them which is a response to your ping.

In other words, you send a message to someone from your phone and you receive a reply, that is also one form of ping.

But in the world of surveillance and tracking, pinging means knowing the exact location of the sender.

Because when you receive an echo message, you also receive the location details along with the message which can reveal your location.

There are complex legal programs and sophisticated software out there used by law enforcement agencies to identify the locations of their suspects.

For an average person, it is not possible to get each and every detail of a person but there are some really good programs out there that let you ping a cell phone location for free.

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How to Ping a Cell Phone Location for free

Method 1: Ping a Cell Phone via the phone company

The first method to ping a cell phone is quite simple. We know that each and every person uses a cell phone which is either powered by Android or iOS.

Well, almost all the Android and iOS phones have a default trigger inside them which allows them to return all location and GPS data to cell phone service providers.

Now, it is also true that everyone uses a cell phone service provider so you can see that in the Location Services tab inside your phone’s Settings.

These companies are able to understand your location based on which tower you are connected to right now and where the tower is located.

911 operators as well as other law enforcement agencies have access to your location by this method and they can easily track you down in case of an emergency.

Method 2: Ping a Cell Phone with their access

One thing you should seriously remember is that pinging someone’s cell phone without their access and permission is not only illegal but it is a crime and violation of privacy as well.

So if you want to ping a cell phone then you need to get their permissions first and then you can do so with them knowing about it.

There are two methods with which you can ping a cell phone with their access and those are using Google Maps and also via Command Prompt on Windows.

So let’s see how you can ping a cell phone with these methods:

#1. Using Google Maps to Ping a Cell Phone

In order to use Google Maps to ping a cell phone location, you will need to have access to someone’s phone of whom you are trying to find the location.

Once you have their phone, install Google Maps on it.

Make sure that you have updated your Google Maps to the latest version available on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store if you already have it installed.

  • Open Google Maps on your friend’s phone.
Tap on Location Sharing
Tap on Location Sharing
  • Then tap on their profile picture at the top-right corner inside the search bar as shown in the screenshot.
  • Click on Location Sharing and you will be sent to the next screen.
Share Location
Share Location
  • Now, tap on Share Location and you will see another screen where you will be asked for the duration of location sharing.
  • You can choose between “For 1 hour” and “Until you turn this off” and share the location and you will get the location information with every move.

In this way, you can ping a cell phone location with their access using Google Maps.

#2. Using Command Prompt on Windows to Ping a Cell Phone

In order to ping a cell phone using Command Prompt on Windows, you will need to have your phone and PC both connected to the same WiFi.

Also, this method can be considered a fun activity where you are trying to ping a cell phone not to know its location but to know actually how ping works.

To do this, first, get your phone’s IP address from Google by typing “what’s my IP” inside the Google Search bar.

Note down the IP address as it will be used in the next steps.

  • Now, open your PC and press Win + R, and type “cmd” in the Run dialog box.
  • This will open up the command prompt window. Now, type ping followed by your IP address in the first line.
For example: ping
  • This will give you a few lines of response which is really interesting to note. You will get the time duration between ping sent and response received.
  • Also, how many packets were sent and received will also be revealed.

In this manner, you can ping your own or someone else’s phone and get their ping data using Command Prompt on Windows.


In this article, we have shown you two of the best methods with which you can ping a cell phone location for free but note that both these methods can only be done if you have access.

Without access, only 911 or law enforcement agencies can ping a cell phone location and know about its exact details.

If you, as a civilian, do this then you are committing a crime and you can be jailed for doing this.

In other words, take this activity to ping a cell phone location as a fun activity or a cool party trick, and don’t get ahead of yourselves.

Do let us know if you liked our ideas of knowing someone’s location with their access and share it with your friends and family.

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