How to root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ using Magisk

Many people prefer rooting their devices. Rooting not only gives super access to the features and functionality of your phone, but it can also be beneficial in various other ways.

Rooting your phone does help with fixing the battery drain issue and optimize the battery life of your phone.

Moreover, it gives added functionality like deep automation, extreme customization, free tethering, overclocking or underclocking the phone, adding the best custom ROMs for your devices, and the ability to remove any system app.

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If you are looking for a way to root your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ using Magisk, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can root Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ using Magisk.

We will also be discussing things you should know before you get started with rooting your device. 

What Is Magisk?

Magisk logo
Magisk logo

Magisk is a tool using which one can use to easily root their Android phone. So how does Magisk work?

What Magisk does is it modifies the boot image of the phone, and it adds the file to /cache and /data.

It has Universal Systemless Interface, using which you can have full control over their Android phone.

If you are looking to root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, then you can use Magisk to do that without any problem. 

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What To Know Before Rooting Your Device?

Well, you cannot just start rooting, without having everything ready for you. Moreover, there are certain things that you should know and take care of to avoid any damage to your phone.

This part of the article discusses certain things that you should consider before you root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ using Magisk.

Have A Backup Of Your Device

The very first thing that you must ensure before you root your device is having a backup. When you are rooting, you will lose the data on your device. So to prevent any data loss, you must back up your files. 

Ensure Your Device Is Charged

You must make sure that your device is charged up to or more than 80%. If due to low battery your device gets switched off in the process, it can hard brick your device. So before you begin rooting your device, make sure it is charged up to 80% or more than that. 

Disable Antivirus And Firewall on Your PC

Consider disabling your antivirus and the firewall on your PC. Many times, antivirus and the firewall that you are using on your PC may interfere with the process of rooting your device. 

The Warranty Of Your Phone Will Get Void

Know that rooting voids the warranty of your phone. So if you are trying to root your phone, know that this void the warranty and you will no longer be able to claim any repairs from the company.

So if your phone is still under the warranty and you do not want it to get void, you should not root your device. 

Download The Correct Files And Drivers

Make sure you download the correct files and drivers required for rooting your device. Any missing driver or file can be harmful to your device and may lead to permanently damaging it. 

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Files That You Will Have To Download

Before you begin rooting your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, make sure you have downloaded these files.

The files mentioned below will be used during the process of rooting your device: 

Note: Download all the files and arrange them in the same folder so that you can easily find them when required

Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Using Magisk

We have divided the complete process of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ into two steps.

The very first step will tell you how you can install TWRP recovery on your phone.

The next step will tell how to root the phone using Magisk. 

Flashing TWRP On Your Device

Before you root your device, you will need to install TWRP recovery mode on your Samsung device using Odin. Let’s see how you can do that. 

  • Firstly download the Odin from the link above, and then install it on your computer. 
  • Next, you will have to unlock the OEM bootloader on your device. To do this, head to the settings of your phone, and then to the about phone section.
  • Click on the build number a few times, until you see the ‘You are now a developer’ notification at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then go back to the main menu in the settings, and search for developer options. 
  • In the developer options, you will find enable OEM unlock toggle. Enable the toggle to unlock the OEM bootloader. 
  • Now, boot your device to the download mode. To do this, first, switch off your device, and then press the volume up+ power button combo for a few seconds until you see a warning screen.
  • Accept the warning using the volume up button, and you will boot to download mode. 
  • When in download mode, connect your PC and your phone using a USB cable, and then open Odin on your PC. Odin will detect your phone automatically. 
  • When you get the connection message on the Odin screen, head to the AP tab on the Odin, and select the TWRP file that you downloaded earlier. Click on the start button. 
  • Odin will start installing the TWRP recovery image on your phone. Once done, your phone will automatically reboot. 
  • To boot to TWRP recovery mode, switch off your device, and then hold the volume up + power button combo to boot to the TWRP recovery mode. 

Rooting The Phone Using Magisk

Now that you have flashed TWRP on your device, you can get ahead with the rooting process. Follow the steps given below to root your device-

  • Make sure you have downloaded the ‘no dm-verity’ file and the Magisk. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and make sure file transfer is on to transfer the files.
  • Copy both the files to the internal storage of the phone. 
  • Power off your phone, and then press and hold the volume up + power button and it will boot your phone into recovery mode. 
  • In the TWRP recovery mode, go to “Install Zip” and then open the ‘no dm-verity’ and then flash it by swiping to the left.
  • Encryption will be optional during this process. 
  • Then turn off the phone, and again boot your phone to recovery mode. Now as you flashed ‘no dm-verify,’ flash the Magisk on your device, and reboot your phone in the normal way.
  • When your phone is rebooted, visit the PlayStore and then download Magisk Manager on your device.
  • You will get the notification, that your device is rooted. 

Final Words 

That’s how you can root your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ using Magisk.

Make sure you follow all the steps carefully and do not miss any of the steps mentioned in this article.

Hope you didn’t find the article too difficult. 


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