How to stop websites from redirecting on Android

How to stop websites from redirecting on Android

Pop-ups and redirects are quite annoying, however, you can stop them on an Android phone. Android phones allow you to stop websites from redirecting.

The methods will be different for different browsers. In this article, we will be discussing how you can stop websites from redirecting on Google Chrome browser.

How to stop websites From Redirecting On Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser is the default browser in many Android phones, and most Android users prefer using Chrome browser for browsing. If you are suffering from website redirecting, then here’s how you can stop it.

  • Open Chrome browser on your Phone.
  • Click on the More option, and then open settings.
  • In the settings option, visit the site settings, and select pop-ups and redirects in the site settings option.
  • You can disable or block the pop-up and redirects it to the browser. Once done, the websites will not redirect.

Final Words

That’s how you can stop the websites from redirecting on an Android phone. Follow the steps given above to stop annoying redirects and pop-ups on your browser.


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