How to Fix Instagram “Your Account has been temporarily locked” issue

If you are facing the Instagram “Your Account has been temporarily locked,” or you notice that your Instagram account locked you out suddenly, then this guide is for you.

Instagram is one of the hottest platforms in the market right now, and we know that everyone is one on it to share their personal life updates and share photos of what they are doing.

With that said, Instagram is also known to lock you out for several reasons related to spamming temporarily.

If you have tried to log in to Instagram and got the error message saying that “Your account has been temporarily locked, ” we will tell you how to unlock your account on Instagram in this article.

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Why was your Instagram Account Locked?

Instagram Account Locked
Instagram Account Locked

Before giving you the best possible solution to unlock your Instagram account, we will first try to explain to you why you got your Instagram Account Locked in the first place.

Instagram can issue an account lock if you have breached any of their user policies, but it is not always guaranteed that your account can get locked due to these reasons.

Here are the other possible reasons why your Instagram account can get locked:

  • Bot-like Activities such as Following and Unfollowing users in bulk or Liking and Unliking Pictures too quickly can get your Instagram Account locked.
  • Your Instagram account can also get locked if you are commenting on too many posts within a short span of time or you are posting the same comment on multiple posts.
  • If you are using third-party apps to access Instagram, this is also against Instagram’s policies, which can get your Instagram Account Locked.
  • Another possible reason your Instagram Account got locked is that your account credentials might have been leaked. Hackers did some suspicious activity via your profile, such as DMing people to ask for money, and someone reported your account. Then it can lead to your Instagram Account getting locked as well.

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How to Unlock a Locked Instagram Account?

To unlock a locked Instagram account, you need to submit a form known as the My Instagram Account has been deactivated.

After submitting this form, you will be able to get rid of the “Your Account has been temporarily locked” message on Instagram.

  • To open the My Account has been deactivated form, click on this link.
  • Once the new page opens, click on I understand and wish to continue toggle bar and then a new list of options will be opened.
  • Here, enter your name and surname as per Instagram and also your Instagram email address.
  • Also, enter your Instagram username in the text box under the Content At Issue section.
  • Now, under the Please explain why you believe that the content should not have been removed section, type the following message:
My account was blocked by mistake, and I believe I haven't violated any of Instagram's guidelines.
  • Now, tick mark the box which says My content was removed due to a violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use, and I believe this content should not have been removed under the Declaration section.
  • Finally, click on Send, and your form will be submitted.

Once the Instagram team reviews your form, they will revert back to you within 3 to 4 working days and let you know if your Instagram account can be unlocked or not.

It is worth noting that the first temporary lock on your Instagram account can range from a few hours to just around 24 hours.

But if your Instagram Account keeps getting locked, then the ban will keep on increasing, and it will eventually lead to a permanent banning of your account.

Also, some users have reported that Instagram can’t be accessed from their location anymore, which means that their IP Address got banned by the Instagram team.

If that’s the case with your account, then the only option to access Instagram is by using a VPN.

Suppose you have followed each and every step mentioned above to unlock your Instagram account, and your appeal got rejected. In that case, you can appeal that rejection again using the same method as we mentioned.

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As we mentioned earlier, Instagram tries to keep its platform safe and friendly to use for everyone, and this is the reason why it temporarily locks the accounts that it finds suspicious.

If you believe that your account got locked due to a false positive, then you can appeal your ban by submitting the form we mentioned above.

However, if you know that your account was doing a bot-like activity,, there is no reason you would want to appeal the ban because Instagram will not unlock your account.

Also, share this article with other Instagram users who also have this Instagram Account Locked out issue so that they can also unlock their Instagram accounts.

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