How To Hack Kahoot Answers [Tested and Verified Methods]

The EdTech industry is booming rapidly and several innovative platforms are being developed to make learning more advanced and convenient with technology.

One such platform is Kahoot that gamifies the learning experience for students with quizzes and engaging activities.

Kahoot is being used by several authoritative educational institutes to conduct interactive tests for students.

The teachers can create a questionnaire with their preferred choice of questions and students can take the test to be evaluated based on his/her performance.

However, students eventually figured out some ways to hack the platform and manipulate their grades through some scripts and keys.

What’s even fascinating is that these cheats and hacks are available publicly (a search away!) on the internet.

We have compiled a list of some of the most useful hacks for Kahoot that may allow you to change your score, select answers automatically.

So, make sure you stick around if you also want to learn how students hack Kahoot with simple-to-understand steps.

How Does Kahoot Impact the Educational Industry?

Kahoot has gained a lot of traction in terms of users through their unique gamified learning experience.

Through its amazing applications in education, the platform has gained the trust of several educational centers to educate their students in a fun way.

Additionally, as you may already know schools and colleges were halted in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Kahoot came up as a solution to help students keep progressing in their studies from the comfort of their homes.

The platform even offered support for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS to accommodate every student, regardless of what device they can afford.

To prevent the session from being interfered with, the platform requires PIN from students to join a questionnaire.

With all these features, Kahoot worked as a catalyst for education in these unprecedented times, which makes a significant impact on the educational industry.

In such conditions, hacks and tricks can affect the learning experience by promoting bias in the platform.

Can You Really Hack Kahoot Answers? 

Kahoot Answers
Kahoot Answers

If said technically, you aren’t really going to hack the platform itself or access their server in an unauthoritative manner.

You also won’t find a website with a big green button with “HACK!” written and the moment you click on it, your browser will be filled with trackers and adware.

What you’ll actually be doing is bypassing some client-side controls on the platform to manipulate certain values that get submitted by your browser to the client.

The platform uses JavaScript for its operations, which makes it vulnerable to such attacks.

Hack Kahoot Answers Using Browser Extensions 

To hack Kahoot’s web application, there are several browser extensions available that you can install in your browser.

All you have to do is make sure that you activate the extensions while using Kahoot to be able to carry out the hack.

Here’s a list of Chrome extensions that can be used for this purpose:

Kahoot Auto Answer Hack

Kahoot Auto Answer Hack
Kahoot Auto Answer Hack

Kahoot Auto Answer Hack is a multifunctional chrome extension that can be used to guess the correct answer to a question.

With this chrome extension, you can alter the number of points you gain per answer, fetch the correct answer automatically, and even fail on purpose.

Sadly, the extension currently shows an Error Code 404 which suggests it might have been removed so you look for the below-mentioned methods to hack Kahoot answers.

Kahoot Flooder and Spammer 

Kahoot Flooder
Kahoot Flooder

With the help of Kahoot Flooder and Spammer chrome extension, you can perform a denial-of-service attack on the website using automatic bots that send multiple requests in a short time and make the quiz practically unusable.

This eventually leads to the moderator getting overwhelmed with the excessive number of requests and the test is reconducted.

Invisible Kahoot Name 

Invisible Kahoot Name
Invisible Kahoot Name

As you may already know, when you join a quiz, the platform asks you to enter your name to proceed.

However, if you somehow manage to join the quiz with a blank name, you’ll be able to take your chances on the questions and note down the answers.

Then, you can join with your real name and use the noted details to submit correct answers and get higher grades.

That’s what this extension helps you to do. With this extension enabled, your name will be invisible to the regulator.

Kahoot Keys 

Kahoot Keys
Kahoot Keys

If you’re not trying to manipulate the system and just facilitate your quiz-taking process then Kahoot Keys is the perfect extension for you.

This extension allows you to answer questions on Kahoot without even touching your mouse.

The extension works by providing you with a designated key for each option available for the question.

By pressing the designated keys for your desired answers on your keyboard, you can answer a question. This allows you to respond to a question faster than mouse action.

Hack Kahoot Answers Using Scripts, Websites, and Keys 

On a more techie side, people who know how requests, responses, and HTTP methods work may use certain scripts and keys to hack Kahoot answers.

While some of the methods are just for fun, others may even allow anyone to excel on the quiz without studying anything.



Mem-rip (memorize + rip) is a website that allows you to memorize the answers to any quiz or test, and then “rip” them to your exam. It gives you the ability to take the test multiple times and identify correct answers on the quiz.

Kahoot Rocks

Kahoot Rocks
Kahoot Rocks

You can consider using the Kahoot Rocks website to get past the username verification and appear in the quiz without making any progress on your test. If you do, the system will not record your responses and scores. is a suite of tools that allows you to fully interact with in malicious ways. This suite includes multiple command-line tools and scripts coded in Golang to help you cheat in the quizzes.

Kahoot Winner

Kahoot Winner
Kahoot Winner

This website offers a tool that allows you to win any Kahoot game where you take part without having to take any action yourself.

All you have to do is submit your details on the website along with quiz access and you’ll win automatically.

Kahoot Ninja

Kahoot Ninja
Kahoot Ninja

It is one of the most popular Kahoot hacks which is done using a script. You have the option of using this website’s hacks in two manners, one is via Bot Spamming and another is via Auto Answer.

What Can Teachers Do to Prevent Students from Cheating in Kahoot? 

The first thing teachers should do is to make sure that all students are using the latest version of the Kahoot app and not the web interface as it is more vulnerable to hackers and spammers.

Also, teachers should stop providing the quiz PIN to the students earlier as they can end up spreading it.

Final Words 

Kahoot is a great platform for educators looking to add some excitement and interactivity to their classroom.

The hacks and tricks shared here are intended only for awareness and should not be used to exploit the platform by any means.

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