Step-By-Step Guide On How To Root LGE LGL82VL?

Rooting your old device can be the best way to bring them back to life and start using them.

Moreover, rooting your device gives you the ability to customize your phone the way you want to, install and uninstall the apps that you would like to, and also optimize your phone to enhance its performance.

If you are having an old phone like LGE LGL82VL with you, then rooting your device can be a good decision. 

Rooting your device comes with many benefits, like having better backups, having the ability to install custom ROMs, being able to remove bloatware, have an ad-free UI experience, and various others.

However, there are various risks of rooting an Android device, such as rooting your device voids the warranty of your phone, it may hard brick the device, and various such.

Therefore, rooting a newer device or your primary device is not advised. 

However, for an old phone like LGE LGL82VL, it is worth the risk to root your device, as the warranty might already be over by now, and you might probably not be using it as your primary device.

If you have decided to root your LGE LGL82VL, then this article will help you with that. In this article, we will be discussing how you can root your LGE LGL82VL with and without a PC. 

Pros And Cons Of Rooting LGE LGL82VL

There are various benefits as well as disadvantages of rooting a device.

However, if you are rooting an old device, then the benefits are not overtaken by the disadvantages. 


Given below are some pros of rooting your device-

  • After rooting your device, you will be able to install custom ROMs on your device.
  • You can change the complete user experience of the phone by just installing custom ROMs on your device.
  • You will be able to remove bloatware from your phone.
  • Moreover, you can also remove system apps which you were not able to when you were not having root access to your phone.
  • You can also install incompatible apps on your phone and have them run on your device.
  • Rooting your device gives you the ability to take the full backup of your files, apps, contacts, and every other thing on your device.
  • You will be able to overclock or underclock your CPU for enhanced performance.
  • Moreover, rooting allows you to make various other changes to your device.


Apart from the pros, there are a few cons of rooting your device as well-

  • It can hard brick your device, and your phone may not be able to boot up again. This can happen due to various reasons, like your device turning off in between the process.
  • Rooting will void the warranty of your device.
  • However, if your device is old with no warranty, then you need not worry about that.
  • It can cause security vulnerabilities, and also your device may not be able to get new updates and upgrades released.

Things To Know Before Rooting Your Device

Rooting your phone can be a critical process, and you need to take care of certain things before you root. Ensure you do the following before you root your device-

  • Ensure you backup your data to prevent data loss in between the process.
  • Charge your device more than 80% to ensure your device doesn’t switch off in between the process.
  • Ensure you enable installing files from unknown sources, as it will be required when rooting your phone without a PC.
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection to download all the files required.
  • Have a cable with you as you will need it when rooting your device with a PC.
  • You will have to enable USB debugging if you are rooting your device using the PC.

Rooting Your LGE LGL82VL

You can root your LGE LGL82VL with the help of a PC and without the PC. We will be discussing both methods based on the apps. We will be using different apps for different methods to help root your device.

Rooting LGE LGL82VL Without PC

We will be discussing the process to root your device with the help of the KingRoot application. KingRoot is a rooting application that can help you root your device without any difficulty.

To root your device using KingRoot, follow the steps given below-

  • Download and install the KingRoot application on your PC. You can download the application from this link.
  • If asked for permission to install from unknown sources when installing the app, then do so.
  • Now open the application on your phone, and click on Start Root to your device.
  • The progress bar will show you the status of the process. The app will notify you when the process has been completed.
  • Once the process has been completed, your device will be successfully rooted.

Rooting LGE LGL82VL With PC

You can either use your PC to root your phone. Various applications can help you with rooting your device using the PC, but here we will be using the Dr Fone application to root your LGE LGL82VL.

To root your device using Dr Fone, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly enable USB debugging on your phone. You can do so by following the steps given below-
    • Open the Settings of your phone, and then head to the About phone section.
    • Here tap on Build number a few times until you see the ‘You are now a developer!’ notification at the bottom of your screen.
    • You will have to tap it a few times continuously to enable developer options.
    • Now head back to the main menu in Settings, and search for Developer options and open it.
    • Here search for USB debugging toggle and enable it.
    • This will enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • Now download the Dr Fone application on your PC, and install it.
  • You can download the Dr Fone application from this link.
  • After installing the application, open it.
  • Now connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.
  • You will get a notification of the successful connection.
  • You will be asked to authorize USB debugging, click on OK to authorize.
  • After doing so, click on the Start button to start the process.
  • The application will scan for the device connected.
  • After your device has been scanned, you will see a Root now button. Click on it to root your device.
  • You will be asked to confirm rooting your device. Click on Confirm to continue rooting.
  • You will be notified when the phone is rooted, and you will have root access to your device.

Checking If The Phone Is Rooted

After you have followed the steps to root the device, you will have to check whether the phone has been rooted or not.

To check if the phone has been rooted, follow the steps given below-

  • Download and install the Root Checker application on your phone from the PlayStore.
  • Now run the Root Checker application, and it will tell you whether your device has been rooted or not.

Final Words

This is how you can root your LGE LGL82VL with and without a PC.

Following the above steps, you will be able to root your LGE LGL82VL easily.

We hope this article helps you root LGE LGL82VL without any problem.

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