What is OBJ emoji on Facebook Posts? Everything you need to know!

If you have scrolled down on Facebook posts, which we are sure you have, then you might have seen an OBJ box on your feed.

You might also be wondering about what it is and why are you seeing it in the first place. Is it an emoji? Is it a gltich?

Well, don’t worry anymore as we are going to tell you all about the OBJ emoji and why are you seeing it inside your Facebook posts.

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What is OBJ on Facebook?

Basically, OBJ is known as “object replacement character” in Unicode terminology and it does exactly what it is named after.

It replaces text with a placeholder for an unspecified object. If there is a character that can’t be displayed on your screen for whatever reason then it is replaced by OBJ emoji.

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Why do you see OBJ symbol on Facebook Posts?

OBJ emoji on Facebook
OBJ emoji on Facebook

We are sure that you must have understood what OBJ symbol means and now the question remains as to why do you see OBJ symbol on your Facebook posts.

Well, there are possible reasons as to why you can see the OBJ symbol or emoji inside your Facebook posts and we discuss them down below:

Software Bug

The first and the most accurate reason why you see the OBJ rectangle box inside your Facebook posts is due to a software bug.

We have seen that there are software glitches that occur far too often on Facebook and due to those bugs, everything seems to be messed up.

It is also worth noting that OBJ emoji is mostly seen when you are scrolling through your Facebook feed on iPhones but that does not mean you will not see them on Android phones.

If some text or emoji gets corrupted on your device then the OBJ emoji replaces it as a placeholder instead of blank space.

The best way to overcome this issue is by updating your phone’s emoji library so that more emojis are added and it does not have to replaced with an OBJ emoji.

Use of voice-to-text function

One thing that is quite common among iPhone users is the use of voice-to-text functionality on Facebook to narrate content for your Facebook comments or your Facebook posts as well.

Sometimes, it may happen that Siri does not recognize what you just said or the text you just narrated can’t be displayed due to Facebook limitations so it is replaced by an OBJ symbol.

While you can’t do much about that right now, we hope that the next update from Apple fixes this issue.

Updating Apple’s Emoji library

Another reason why you are getting the OBJ symbol far too often on your iPhone is because you have not updated your emoji library on the device as yet.

While you can’t update your emoji library on iPhones on its own, you can simply keep your phone updated in order to get the latest version of emojis on your iPhone.

Also, some emojis that are available on iPhone are not available on Android and vice-versa which means those emojis that are used by Apple users on their posts can be seen as OBJ emoji on Android user’s Facebook posts and same goes other way around as well.

While this is a cross-compatibility issue and something that should be fixed with Unicode, we can’t do much about it.

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In the end, we have mentioned all the possible reasons why OBJ emoji appears on your Facebook posts and you might have noticed that some of the common reasons are compatibility issues either between different operating systems or even within the same OS.

One thing we must say is that Unicode was designed to eliminate these OBJ emoji issues between Android and iOS but so far, it has not managed to completely eradicate this issue.

Anyways, if you found the reason why you are seeing OBJ emoji on Facebook posts after reading this article then feel free to share this post with others and let them know the reasoning as well.

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