How to root Kindle Fire 2 without PC

How to root Kindle Fire 2 without PC

If you own the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet then you must surely be loving it right now because it is a great tablet.

But it is also worth noting that some geeky users who want to take the most benefits out of this tablet would want to have root access to it.

Now, it is possible to root the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 in few easy methods and we are going to share all of them with you.

The process is so easy that you do not require a PC or any special knowledge about coding or anything else to get superuser access also known as root access.

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Why root the Kindle Fire 2?

Now, it is great that you want to root the Kindle Fire 2 tablet and we will also tell you how to do that.

But there might be users reading this article and wondering why you even need to root the Kindle Fire 2 tablet.

For them, we need to list out all the advantages that come with rooting the Kindle Fire 2.

Therefore, it is worth noting that rooting the Kindle Fire 2 will let you install root apps that will help us save resources on the device.

Since Kindle Fire 2 comes with just 1 GB of RAM, it will be both a resource-saver and helpful as well.

Other than that, you can also install a custom recovery such as Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) and install Custom ROMs on your tablet down the line.

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How to root Kindle Fire 2 without a PC?

Method 1: Using KingRoot app

As we mentioned earlier, we will not be using a computer such as PC or Laptop to root the Kindle Fire 2 in the guide.

That is because rooting the Kindle Fire 2 is as easy as installing an app and tapping a few buttons.

  • So in this method, we will download an app called KingRoot. Download
  • Once you have downloaded this app on Kindle Fire 2, use a file manager to locate it.
  • It will be found in the Downloads section of your file manager.
  • After that, tap on the apk file and install the app on your device.
  • Now, run the KingRoot app on your Kindle Fire 2.
  • Note that you will need an active internet connection on your Kindle Fire 2 for this method so make sure you have enabled WiFi or internet access.
  • Inside the KingRoot app, you just have to click on the “Start to Root” or “Try Root” button.
  • Now, there will be a progress bar showing you how much of the rooting process is left.
  • Once the rooting process is complete, you will see two apps named KingUser and Purify installed on your device.
  • It means that your device has been successfully rooted.

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Method 2: Using KingoRoot app

The above method to root the Kindle Fire 2 was done using the KingRoot app and this method uses the KingoRoot app to get root access.

So in this method, you will also not have to use any PC such as a Laptop or Computer and you can just install the app and gain root access.

  • First, download the KingoRoot app on your Kindle Fire 2.
  • Before installing the app on your device, you will need to allow installation from unknown sources on your tablet.
  • So go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check the box.
  • Now, you can install the KingoRoot app on your tablet easily.
  • After installing, open the KingoRoot app on your tablet and you will see the homescreen of this app.
  • On the main page, there will be a “One Click Root” button down at the bottom.
  • Click on this button and rooting process will start for your device.
  • Once completed, the app will show you that the Kindle Fire 2 has been rooted.


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