5 Best Sites Like Charahub in 2022

Are you searching for a site that will record the characteristics and information of a character for you and that too in a very organized manner?

Are you searching for sites like Charahub? Then this is the right article you have landed on. This article will share other sites like Charahub and their key features with you.

Charahub is a reliable site to store information about a character and keep track of everything you store here. It also allows you to access them whenever you want.

And the biggest benefit is that this site does not always require an internet connection to run. All the information can be stored in one place, retrieved, and shared from the same place.

This is how you can keep your story organized in a pretty well way.

Best Sites Like Charahub

Charahub is useful for many purposes. But the bad news is Charahub is no more working and was shut down in 2019.

If Charahub isn’t working well for you then you want to look for alternatives Fortunately, there are several other websites and applications as well, that will do the same task as Charahub for you.

World Anvil

World Anvil

One of the best sites to use in the alternative of Charahub is World Anvil. Getting started with this site is free and you can use its basic features without paying any cost.

But if you want to expand and break all limitations then you have to pay to access those features.

This site provides a toolset for helping you with worldbuilding and developing your skills. The best part, this site not only allows you to fill the information in words but images, videos, audios, maps, etc.

Also, gives you the option to choose from 25 different templates to form your creation.



This site is very much like its name. A notebook that is managed by the user. You can use it to create a whole new universe with your words.

This site is entirely dedicated to writers, creators, designers, etc. A smart notebook to carry the information you store in here and then be able to access it whenever you need to.

Unlike World Anvil, each page is set private by default in Notebook.ai. This site was free to signup in November, but now it charges you money to sign-up and be able to use it.


You would stop to learn about Toyhouse as it is among other good sites like Charahub. It provides you with almost all the options as provided by Charahouse.

It also gives you a few limitations which can be removed by switching to a subscribed version of the site. But you can easily create characters, store their characteristics and other information.

Toyhouse allows you to customize your character as you like to and set your profile all on your preferences.



A site solely created for designers, role-players, and writers to create a character, do world-building, etc. The user can create, store, and share references of your created character.

It also allows you to add likes and dislikes charts for your character.  It is free of cost and one of the best alternatives for sites like Charahub.

It will fulfill all your needs you would like to have fulfilled with a site under News and Books category.

Realm Works

Realm Works
Realm Works

This online tool is very much good for video designers and role-players along with writers and campaign managers.

A very good tool for world-building where you can use words, images, and audio to complete your story and build a universe out of that.

A very good place for creators to meet and communicate easily. If you are a video designer looking for sites like Charahub, then you must check out Realm Works.


Charahub was closed and its users had to find other sites like Charahub to create a character, store its characteristics, and be able to share its references.

Toyhouse is the site that is nearly the same as Charahub but you can check others, maybe which is better as per your need.

Realm Works is a very good choice for game designers, and campaign managers whereas Refsheet.net is more compatible for writers, and communicators.

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