What is the Steamworks Common Redistributables?

Gamers have started noticing Steamworks Common Redistributables as something that comes up when they are playing on Steam.

Most of them are understandably confused as to what it is and why does it pop up all of a sudden during their gameplay.

When you play games on Windows, it is crucial that the game is optimized to fit that particular computer and its screen size.

To help the games run smoothly, there are loads and loads of files that are downloaded and Steamworks Common Redistributables is one of them.

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Steamworks Common Redistributables: Everything you need to know!

What is Steamworks Common Redistributables
What is Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steamworks is a free suite of tools that is available to any Steam developer who wants to include this package inside their game.

These tools are also crucial because they optimize the game to be played on different Windows PCs.

Since Windows computers are not the same as macOS and come in all shapes and sizes, they need a separate file for optimization.

Steamworks package includes the following files:

  • Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015)
  • .NET framework
  • DirectX Redistributable
  • OpenAL
  • PhysX

All these files are part of what you know right now as Steamworks Common Redistributables and are extremely important for every Windows device.

They are sent to Windows PCs as an update and you would not even realize when these files got downloaded and installed on your PC.

Previously, developers had to write a script to install these files on users’ PCs. But the problem with that method was these files would install every time there was a new update to the game.

Steam realized that this was causing a LOT of duplicated installations and corrected their mistake.

This is why they made Steamworks Common Redistributables which is Steam’s way of streamlining the process.

Valve maintains these install scripts for Steamworks Common Redistributables and also sends them as OTA updates when patches are available.

Should I delete Steamworks Common Redistributables?

No, you should not delete Steamworks Common Redistributables. These files are extremely important for your gameplay and your games would not run normally once you delete them.

If you delete these files, you will constantly face crashes during your game sessions and you will simply need to remove the game and install it back to redownload the Steamwork Common Redistributables files.

How to Hide Steamworks Common Redistributables?

Yes, it is true that seeing Steamworks Common Redistributables folder can get annoying.

Due to that reason, we are going to show you how you can hide the Steamworks Common Redistributables folder.

Earlier, Steam used to do this by default as they would hide this folder and users were not even aware of its existence.

But due to some reason, Steam has started to show these files in its latest updates and most users are not happy.

You can simply follow the steps mentioned below to hide the Steamworks Common Redistributables folder from your PC:

  • Go to the Library tab inside Steam and right-click on Steamworks Common Redistributables.
How to hide Steamworks Common Redistributables
How to hide Steamworks Common Redistributables
  • Click on Manage and then click on Hide this Game.

If you want to see the Steamworks Common Redistributables folder for whatever reason then you can see it by navigating to Library > Hidden.


Now that you know What is Steamworks Common Redistributables, why it is needed, and how you can hide them, we are sure that you have no more questions left regarding it.

But if you still have any doubts then feel free to share them with us in the comments section and we will try to answer them as best as we can.

Also, share this article with your Steam friends who want to hide their Steamworks Common Redistributables folder as well.

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