Top 7 Best TekTek Alternatives to Create Avatars in 2022

Best TekTek Alternatives

It is sad to hear that one of the best online avatars creating websites has shut down. All the artists and designers who used TekTek to create avatars and cartoons would be searching for other alternatives.

Because no matter how good TekTek was but now it is closed down, its users have to look for other options to carry on with their work.

You won’t need to search hard to find alternatives to replace Tektek as this article is going to share the best options for you to choose from.

7 Best TekTek Alternatives to try in 2022

TekTek Alternatives
TekTek Alternatives

TekTek was an online tool that was used to create cartoon characters or avatars. It was one of the best online avatars creating tools particularly for creating anime characters.

This tool used Gaia avatar maker which is a doll dressing, avatar, and item management application. Due to some issues related to violation of policies, TekTek had to shut down and stop providing its services and resources.

However, the internet is vast and you can find alternatives for Tektek, maybe not as good as it was but at least to do the job. All the alternative options mentioned in this article are free and easy to use.

Hero Machine

Credits: HeroMachine

For the designer in you wanting to create anime avatars and characters, this tool is going to be your favorite.

You can create quite bold and appealing characters using this online avatar creating tool.

Hero Machine is best suited to create Hero characters as it provides a gallery to several customizable costumes, attributes, and other options to create a perfect superhero character for your story and all of it for free.

Hero Machine can be one of the best avatar-creating tools to replace Tektek.

Second Life

Second Life
Second Life

This online avatar creating tool does not even allow the creation of avatars, but a platform to connect and chat as well.

You can connect to the community of artists and designers just like you. Second Life is a 3D virtual tool that provides resources to create 3D avatars.

It is easy to use as you are given 11 avatars created by default. You can either customize them or create new avatars, however, you imagine. This tool is completely free to use.

The Character Creator

The Character Creator
The Character Creator

You can use the character creator to create avatars for anime. It is one of the best open-source, free online avatar creator tools which is easy and simple to use.

The website does not require you to sign up or follow any formal guide to be able to use it. The moment you enter the website, you can start building the character of your choice.

Starting with choosing the gender of the character and then moving forward to define other features of the character.



This online tool is very effective in creating a look-alike in very simple steps. The virtual free avatar creator tool is the first choice of many.

DoppelMe is generally used to create image illustrations and cartoon characters. This online avatar maker tool does not require any kind of difficult task, you are only required to go to the website and get started already.

All you have to do is put your creativity at work and you can create a fabulous cartoon character. You can use these personal characters for greeting cards, comics, blogs, profile pictures, etc.

Doll Divine

Doll Divine
Doll Divine

Another online avatar creator tool to use as an alternative to Tektek. Use this tool to create your best Doll character avatar.

Doll Divine is a Dress-up, doll creator game where you can customize your created doll and have fun dressing them up.

You can create anime and fantasy female characters of superb quality and appearance.

You can select different themes, attributes of characters, and customize them as yu=ou would like to. This tool is also free to use and easy as well.

This application can also be enjoyed on smartphones.

Gala Avatar Maker

Gala Avatar Maker
Gala Avatar Maker

An amazing substitute for tektek, this avatar maker is easy to use and provide so many options to create illustration and character for cartoons in so many ways.

Simply, pick a face and start customizing it as you want to. Use your creativity to reflect your imagination into a real avatar.

You can not only create cartoon characters but illustrations for profile features, comics, and blogs.

Gala Avatar Maker provides several accessories and assets so that you can use them to create different unique avatars and cartoon characters.



A machine learning-based online tool that uses the concept of a neural network to convert your provided image to the tool into a cartoon.

You can use this online tool to create a cartoon character of yourself too. Using Cartoonify is easy and simple.

You start with choosing the gender of your character, then selecting facial features such as eyes, nose, lips, and skin complexity.

You can try Cartoonify for free and without signing up. So, set up your account on Cartoonify, only if you like it.


Internet is filled with a lot of avatars creating tool options but the task is to find the best tools to help you with your character design and illustration.

After the closing of Tektek, its users had to look for alternative options. Tektek was mostly used to create anime characters because it provided quite a handful of resources to create such characters.

This article has shared the 7 best alternatives of Tektek which are quite efficient and similar to Tektek.


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