What Does MBD Mean In Texting?

What is MBD in texting

Abbreviations and emojis are quite common when two people are texting, or you can say nowadays a texting communication is never complete without abbreviations or texting.

Back were the days, when conversations over texts and emails used to be formal, but that has changed over time. Nowadays, people find typing certain words can be time-consuming, therefore, using abbreviations can help them save time. 

When texting with someone, you may have come across various common abbreviations. One such common abbreviation that people often use while texting is MBD, but do you what it means?

In this article we will be discussing what does MBD means when texting, and when can you use it in a conversation. We will also be discussing the instances when you should not use MBD in a conversation. 

What Does MBD Means?

MBD in a conversation means My bad dudes. MBD is not just an abbreviation but also an acronym. If you are confused that what is abbreviation and what is an acronym, then here’s the answer to that.

Abbreviations are used as a part of the sentence, but acronyms have their own meaning. MBD is commonly used in text conversations and has become quite popular now. 

Abbreviations and acronyms are most commonly a part of text conversations, however, they are not used when talking to someone in general. MBD (My bad dudes) is an apology to someone but in a sarcastic manner.

Well, this is not just the only meaning of MBD, but it sometimes can be used to make fun of another person in one. It can be used to make the opposite person know that they don’t deserve your apology. 

When To Use MBD And When Not To Use MBD?

Now that you know what is the meaning of this abbreviation, but you should also know when you should use MBD and when you should not. 

  • MBD can be used in informal talks, like when talking with cousins, friends, colleagues, and such. You should avoid using it in formal text conversations.
  • If you want to make someone feel that you are sorry even you did not make the mistake, then you can use this abbreviation in the conversion.
  • You should use MBD when talking to elders, bosses, or professors as it can hamper your social dignity.
  • You should only use the abbreviations when the other person that you are talking to is all good with the use of them. They should be habitual of the conversations with abbreviations. If they are not habitual then the use of abbreviations like MBD can make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations should not be used when spellings and grammars are determined in the conversation.

Final Words

This is what MBD means in a conversation. MBD or My Bad Dudes is a common abbreviation that you may come across in an informal conversation with your friend or someone else.

However, you should know when you should use such abbreviations like MBD and when you should not use them.

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