[Guide] What Does USPS Available for Pickup Means?

There is a common question in eCommerce when it comes to USPS when you see USPS available for pickup in the tracking information does it really mean that the package is available for pick up? Does it mean that it has already been processed in a facility and waiting for an agent to pick it up? 

Or does it mean that the package has not to be processed yet? All these questions might cause a lot of confusion, wrongly assuming an order has been shipped. That’s why it is essential for you to know what these terms mean to be able to comprehend them. 

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at USPS tracking and its terminologies. This should help you understand how your order is being tracked and shipped to you by the USPS Postal Service to stay insightful. 

USPS Available for Pickup – What Exactly Is It? 

The United States Postal Service is one of the oldest domestic postal services in the world, having been founded more than two and a half centuries ago for the purpose of package delivery. It is a government service, offering comparable services to its competitors such as UPS. 

Although there is little difference when we consider the delivery time, both UPS and USPS work effectively.

UPS is much more modern in its services and tracking, but we do not rely upon it, as it is a private company that employs young, ruthless personnel for their work. 

Thankfully, the United States Postal Service offers a more secure and trustworthy means of handling large, expensive packages.

Moreover, to be honest, both companies will take at least two days to transfer your package, regardless of the price you pay.

People are turning to more promising options like Fed-Ex, DHL, and First Flight as USPS alternatives. These work on international standards and are very efficient, quick, and cooperative when it comes to customer services.

What Does the Statement “USPS Available for Pickup” Conveys? 

If you should receive this message, you must immediately take action! Because the arrival of this code means that a shipment meant for you is unable to reach you via USPS delivery.

Do not worry, though, because this does not mean that your shipment has returned to the sender.

Instead, it has been handed over to your nearest post office for you to pick it up. Due to those circumstances, now you need to go personally to the post office and prove your ownership of the shipment so it can be delivered to your home at per convenience.

You must understand that you have a very limited amount of time to pick up your package or else it could be returned to where it came from. USPS will hold your package at the post office for 15 days. You will receive notification of its availability on the first day after it arrives.

If you don’t pick up your parcel within five days of it being handed over to the post office, it will either be returned to the sender or transferred to a storage facility, maybe even overseas that may cause you even more troubles.

Didn’t Received Your Package from USPS – What Are the Reasons Behind It? 

There are dozens of reasons why a package might not arrive at your door, so let’s look at some of them for your reference: 

  • If your package exceeds the state’s United States Postal Service conditions regarding size and weight of packages, it will most likely get accepted at one station but cannot be delivered later at another station. Always check the USPS regulations before attempting to deliver
  • If you are unavailable at home or are not concerned about a delivery
  • The delivery personnel have some health complications 
  • There’s a construction project going on nearby, blocking USPS’s access to your location 
  • The address is incorrect or non-existing 

There can be certain other reasons due to which USPS might be unable to deliver your package to your home. Regardless of the reason, let’s take a look at what can you do to solve this issue in the first place. 

How To Solve This Problem at The Earliest? 

The most efficient way to locate a missing parcel is to track it using its tracking code. Under expanded details, you will see the code “USPS available for pickup.”

Click on this to see the ZIP code of the Post Office that currently holds your package. 

For postal orders, you must be aware of the correct postal office where the postal order needs to be picked up.

Post Offices are often spread out and can take a long time to reach. If you fail to collect the postal order on time, you may even miss the delivery. 

In case that happens, you can schedule a redelivery or authorize another person to pick up the package for you. 

Final Words 

USPS customers can check this website to see if their deliveries are available for pickup and pick them up at their local post office.

This is a convenient service that is ideal for those who do not want to wait at home and miss the delivery or cannot be there due to prior commitments.

This service also works well for those who may not be nearby during the delivery hours, such as people who work late jobs.

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