Why does it say “User not found” on Instagram?

If you have ever come across the “user not foundon Instagram error then you must have wondered why it came up in the first place?

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In this article, we will try to explain everything you need to know about the “user not found” on Instagram issue in full detail.

Why does it say “User not found” on Instagram?

User not found on Instagram
User not found on Instagram

Basically, there are a few main reasons why you can see the “user not found” error on Instagram.

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Here are some of the most probable reasons why you see this error on Instagram:

1. Account is temporarily disabled

Instagram Account Disabled
Instagram Account Disabled

Instagram is a social media platform where a lot of people want to be at first. However, it is a very addicting tool as well and we know that people want to take a break.

This is because they want to concentrate on their work and not just be on Instagram all the time. This is the reason why they may disable their Instagram account.

If that is the case and a user has disabled their Instagram account then you will get the “user not found” on Instagram error.

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2. Account has been deleted

As we mentioned earlier, there are people out there who are just fed up with Instagram and some who are addicted to it and want to leave it as well.

So, the stronger minds tend to disable or even delete their Instagram account in order to focus on something they really want to do.

If a user decided to delete their account from Instagram, you will get the “user not found” on Instagram error since the user will literally not be found.

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3. User has been banned

If you have found out that the user you are searching for has not disabled or deleted their Instagram account then there can be other reasons as well.

One reason why you may get the “user not found” on Instagram error is if the user has been banned from the Instagram platform.

There could be various reasons behind banning a person and some of them include spamming on the platform, posting objectionable content, or even doing some suspicious activity.

Instagram restricts you from visiting the profile of these users and it may throw up a user not found on Instagram error due to that reason.

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4. You mistyped the username

Wrong Instagram Username
Wrong Instagram Username

There are a lot of Instagram accounts on the platform and we are sure that you must hundreds of friends as well.

So, if you have been typing someone’s Instagram username then chances are that you might not remember their exact username.

In that case, you may get the user not found on Instagram error because of the fact that the username is wrong and no such user exists.

Make sure that you are typing the correct username on Instagram and try again with the corrected one.

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5. User changed their username

If you are sure that the username you are entering on Instagram is the correct one then chances are that the user you are trying to find on Instagram has changed their username.

Instagram allows users to change their username for various cases such as hiding their identity or correcting a typo or for other reasons as well.

So make sure to contact the person you are finding from another medium and check with them if they have changed their username.

This is a very possible reason behind your “user not found” error on Instagram.

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6. You have been blocked

We have seen that if you find that none of the above reasons are explaining why you are getting the user not found on Instagram error.

Then it is possible that you have been blocked by the user you are searching for on the platform.

If a user blocks you on Instagram, you will not be able to search with their username and go to their Profile and the platform will give you a “user not found” on Instagram error.

The best way to know if you have been blocked or not is by asking any of your mutual friends on Instagram to check if they are able to access the said person’s profile.

If they are able to do that then it means you are blocked.


Instagram does not give you an explanation when it says “user not found” on Instagram so you will have to find out the reason why you are getting this error.

If the reason behind getting this error is that you have been blocked then there is nothing you can do apart from accepting the decision and moving ahead.

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